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  1. Hi, This is good place to start.. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/paulodias/2016/05/24/how-to-deploy-onedrive-next-generation-sync-client-with-sccm/ associating the Onedrive client with a business tenant can be done using a Group Policy. Regards, Jörgen
  2. Hi, I would say that allow them to install them from Microsoft Update there is a setting for it.. makes no sense pulling it from your servers. Regards, Jörgen
  3. Hi, I recommend to distribute everything to DP groups then you can just add the DP to the group. if that has not been done powershell is your friend. but it could be a good idea to start using DP groups. Regards, Jörgen
  4. Hi, It fails to connect to the share, check firewall network access account and permissions. that is where I would start, Anti-.virus as well perhaps so it is not locked. Regards, JÖrgen
  5. Hi, Many use this http://blog.ctglobalservices.com/configuration-manager-sccm/kea/new-version-of-the-coretech-shutdown-tool/ and powershell is also just widely, but there are no builtin feature for it. Regards, Jörgen
  6. Hi, there have been som issues with 802.1x and ue-v when going from 1607-1709 but nothing major. Regards, JÖrgen
  7. Hi, The SCCM service is set to delayed start, So I would say that running an installation at logon is not really a good idea because it doesn't work as you would like. Regards, Jörgen
  8. Advanced installer is a really good tool as well! Regards, Jörgen
  9. Hi, Is the machine unknown or did you import it into SCCM before? Installed before? Both boot images are needed so that is a good start. The machine must have a deployment targeted to it as well, wither through Unknown computer support or by beeing a member where the TS is deployed to. Regards, Jörgen
  10. Hi, Yes it should be added after starting the computer with the newly deployed OS. Regards, Jörgen
  11. Hi, You need to use the Invoke-MbamClientDeployment.ps1 which is provided by Microsoft to start the encryption from the Task Sequence.. More informaton: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-desktop-optimization-pack/mbam-v25/how-to-enable-bitlocker-by-using-mbam-as-part-of-a-windows-deploymentmbam-25 Regards, Jörgen
  12. Hi, Which version of the ADK did you install and to which folder? it is recommended to leave it at the default C:\ location. There have been issues with TEMP directories as well, what is the TEMP Variable configured for your site? Regards, Jörgen
  13. Hi, It is depoyed as a Windows Update so basically exactly the same logs as you use to troubleshoot Software Updates in general. Regards, Jörgen
  14. Hi, Yes you can use the scripts from MDT in the Task Sequence to install updates from a WSUS server,, This post from Chris Nackers covers it.. http://blogs.catapultsystems.com/cnackers/archive/2011/04/28/using-ztiwindowsupdate-wsf-to-install-updates-in-a-system-center-configuration-manager-task-sequence/
  15. Hi, I have never heard that stops working, are the device really member of the Collection where you have set the setting? I would start there depending on how you configure it. SMSPXE.log file could be of help as well if you only set it to Unknown computers for instance. Regards, Jörgen
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