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  1. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. I am using SCCM 1706 and am trying to apply a TS from software center to convert BIOS from Legacy to UEFI, re-partition drive using MBR2GPT then reboot into UEFI Mode then activate TPM and enable bitlocker. My TS runs everything fine from within the OS then reboots. Once Windows comes back it just sits at the login screen and it does not complete the TS. If I login immediately after the reboot it activates the TPM then fails at enable bitlocker. Is there a way for it to complete the TS without having to login?
  3. For my HP machines, I am trying to run a TS booted from USB into WinPE to format disk, make necessary changes in BIOS, then reboot into UEFI mode the apply OS. The format disk and BIOS changes (using the BIOS config utility from HP) go through with no problem but encounter an error immediately upon getting to my reboot step. smstslog tells me "Unable to find a partition on the system disk that can be set as active" but im 95% positive im partitioning this thing proper. After the failure error message, the machine then reboots into UEFI so go figure. smstslog and TS attached. Any advice ap
  4. I have my operating system set to deploy by accessing content directly from the distribution point because it is obviously faster. Yesterday the apply image step in my TS started failing across all hardware. The only way it will work now is to switch to download the wim 1st before applying. I am not able to see anything in my logs that indicate a problem. Any advice? My logs are here: https://tinyurl.com/y9fgw55l https://tinyurl.com/y76lzb8w
  5. I want the TS to run tasks in WinPE, reboot into windows then enable bitlocker all using my TS. I am finding out that it is not possible to run a reboot task into OS in order to enable bitlocker so I'm trying to find another way
  6. I am trying to apply some steps in a TS to a machine that already has an OS and config manager installed. I only want to apply the tasks then reboot into windows but I am getting this error when I attempt to do so. I read online that I need to have 'setup windows and config manager' step in there before I reboot back into Windows from WinPE but I got an error when that attempted to run as well. I have attached an image of my TS below
  7. I am attempting to apply a UEFI Win10 image using USB boot media with x64 boot image. I have set the BIOS to the following: -Disable legacy options ROMs -Boot list option is set to UEFI under boot sequence -Secure boot is enabled In other words, all legacy boot options have been disabled and set to UEFI. I have attached an image of my task sequence, specifically the partitioning step where I think I may be having the problem. The task sequences fails just after the apply image step where my smstslog just stats failed to apply OS. You'll notice I am also pre-provisioning
  8. It was because I was not running it as current user but as system admin. Thanks!
  9. I am trying to run a batch file with the following command line which simply removes a shortcut: del "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Financial Edge (Remote)" /q Each time I try to run it via Software Center I get an error stating Unable to Make Changes to Your Software with Error: 0x1(1) All of my other packages in software center work fine. Running the batch locally works fine. It just doesn't deploy correctly from SC. It is not a cache issue. Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  10. This is still an issue, sorry for earlier post saying that I had it working. Any advice would be much appreciated
  11. I am trying to capture an image on a VM using capture media iso which I have done hundreds of times before. For whatever reason, it will only let me capture if there is no other local accounts on the machine outside the local admin account. If another local account exists, I get the title error after 5 seconds into the capturing process. Any advice? attached is the smsts.log. Thanks in advance! smsts.log
  12. Right now I am manually applying the script above via batch file for testing purposes. My intention is to deploy it via sccm task sequence as we have done with no problem for years. I am only now having this problem with Windows 10
  13. After more troubleshooting I've narrowed it down to this: using script with 2 different printers on 2 diff print servers, I've discovered that this script works for all domain users on windows 7. It works for all domain users on windows 10 when using one printer but not the other. So, it looks like the issue has to do with one particular queue on Windows 10 only but not sure why...doesn't make much sense. Any ideas?
  14. I am attempting to add a printer via the command line using a batch file as an admin (to eventually deploy via SCCM TS on Win10): rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /ga /n"\\my network printer" The command appears to run successfully but I am not able to find any trace of this printer in my printer list, print management, or in the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SYSTEM → CurrentControlSet → Control → Print → Printers) When I attempt to run it a second time I get the error message "Unable to add the per machine printer connection. Another printer or printer share with this name alread
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