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  1. Question... Once i import the patches into packages do I need to retain the patch files that were down loaded from MS?
  2. I recently configured my SCCM 2012 1610 to allow for IBCM. My cloudmanagement gateway is configured along with my cloud distribution point. What is best practice to patch those clients that only reside on the internet with updates from my cloud distribution point?
  3. I was able to resolve this issue... I did not have the FQDN field checked for my site server. Thanks for the help
  4. Does the SCCM primary site server have to be configured with Active Directory services (DNS, DHCP) to have a successful WDS confguration? I already have two domain controllers in my lab. Can they assume the roles need for dns and dhcp? Thanks, Mike
  5. Trying to install the advanced client on a group of test PC's. All three computers are in the same network. Two of the clients install just fine. The third PC gets this in the ccmsetup.log file on the client. I have included a screen shot of the error. I have rebuilt the PC and added in back into the evironment with the exact same results. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Mike
  6. I am having the exact issue. Did you get any resolution on this?
  7. Exactly... the software is not getting installed. Client software is not being pushed to the client. I can log into the client as an administrator and browse to the client share and install the client. The client is in the boundry. Test lab... Single site boundry.
  8. Sorry... Yes the account is a local admin on the client pc.
  9. Thanks for the reply.... Yes... That was one of the first places i checked.
  10. Ok... Maybe it's just me. But.... For whatever reason I cannot "push" the advanced client to my workstations. I have follow the "Guides" ( Which r awesome by the way!!!!) to the letter. I left my clients logged in overnight. The clients have the "Client Push" account as a local administrator. This is the same account that is configured on the site server "Client Installation Methods" Accounts tab. The clients show up in the collection but client is not installed. I dig through every log file on the site server looking for some clue as to WTF. So I browse the sms_client_config_manager
  11. Thanks.. I figured it out. This is what i had to do. Using the technet guide http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc872789.aspx. After completing the steps for requesting and installing the cert. I then opened the certificate mmc on the site server and imported the cert into the personal container. After that i was able to move my server over too native mode.
  12. Yes... Everything seems to working great. This is a lab setup. I was at the point that I wanted to move onto testing advanced functionality of clients over http.
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