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Windows 7 Visual Style


Hi guys,


I want to share this Visual Style with all of you that are members on windows-noob, I’ll hope you like it!




First of all, create a new restore point if anything goes wrong, it's recommended. Fallow the instructions below to create a new Restore Point.


Create new Restore Point


1. Press Start, right click on Computer and choose Properties.

2. Press Advanced system settings, press Continue if UAC is prompting

3. Press System Protection tab.

4. Press Create... down to the right.

5. Give the Restore Point a name e.g today's date and time (2009-01-07 08:00), press Create.


To install a theme that does not come from Microsoft, you must modify some Windows files to allow the installation of, in this case, Windows 7 Theme for Windows Vista. Fallow the instructions below to do this.


Install VistaGlazz


1. Download VistaGlazz from here.


2. Install the application, it's just straight forward.


Patch Windows Vista to Enable Custom Themes (Visual Styles)


1. Open VistaGlazz from the Start Menu.

2. Run VistaGlazz and click on the icon to the left.


3. You will be asked if you want to modify files. To do so, press Patch files.


4. You will need to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. Press Reboot.


5. When you have restart your computer, you can verify that the modification was successful by starting VistaGlazz. If everything is in order, the left icon now show a green shield to indicate that the modification was successful.


6. Repeat the same on the icon in the middle in VistaGlazz.

7. Reboot the computer.


Install Windows 7 Theme


1. Download Windows 7 Theme from here.


2. Extract Windows7.zip to any destination on your computer.

3. Copy the Windows 7 folder and paste in to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

4. Go into the Windows 7 folder, double-click the msstyle file. This will bring up the Appearances dialogue. You will see TWO Aero themes. In the list, the top-most one is the Windows 7 theme. Press Apply and you will now get your new theme.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question about this.

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