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  1. I will complete it as soon as i get my LAB up and running again. Working on it
  2. I have moveed this post from SMS, SCCM 2007 to Deploy software, applications and drivers /Tobie
  3. Will you deploy SP2 with WSUS or as an application via SCCM? /Tobie
  4. select that the program can be installed on any platform and erase you values regarding the file size to see if there is any diffrence. Error 1812 is: The specified image file did not contain a resource section. it seems that you have the wrong path to the installation file or the installation file is damaged. error code 0x00000005 is: Access denied but i cant see that in u'r logfile. /Tobie
  5. enyweb: i need your assistance regarding the boot image question. please help him out
  6. ensure your switch have PortFast enabled. otherwise, make sure Option 60 is set on the DHCP scope or server. is this computer connected to the network via a hub? do u have 2 NIC's on your server? lets say that u have that, the first NIC have a static ip, the other recievs ip address via DHCP, maybe its the wrong NIC that respons on your request. good luck and happy troubleshooting /Tobie
  7. why post it like that? please share as everybode else ; ) /tobie
  8. This is what you're looking for Just fallow my instructions... Good luck! /tobie
  9. Hmm, well that is strange. Have you updated the collection you're looking in? I suspect that you not fallowed anywebs instructions properly, you might have missed something, please go through the instructions again to verify that everything is correct cuz it should work with anywebs instruktions. Or else, i still suspect connection problems. Are you using any firewall on the client side? If we should be able to help you, we need some more information about your environment. /Tobias
  10. Look here... /Tobias
  11. Take a look at the link below, this will help you... /Tobias
  12. Yes please! To troubleshoot Client Push Installation problems during Advanced Client installation, review the Ccm.log file on the SMS site server, which is located in the SMS\Logs folder. On the client, review the Ccmsetup.log and Client.msi.log file, which is located in %Windir%\System32\Ccmsetup. Verify that the client is assigned to the site. By default, the wizard only pushes to clients assigned to the site. Verify that you have created the appropriate accounts and they have access to all chosen client computers. Client Push Installation requires that you grant administrator rights and permissions to either the SMS Service Account (if the site is running in standard security mode) or Client Push Installation Accounts that you create in the Client Push Installation Properties dialog box in the SMS Administrator console. Also, to enable Client Push Installation for client computers running Windows XP SP 2, enable File and Print Sharing in the Windows Firewall (formerly known as Internet Connection Firewall, or ICF) configuration on the Windows XP client. /Tobias
  13. Please attach att logfiles that are created during the installation. /Tobias
  14. I do not have any experience of this but you shold be able to continue your upgrade to SCCM 2007 therefore you are always able to sort things out afterwards. By that I mean that you can easely uninstall the existing SMS client on all computers with GPO, script or logonscript. And you can do the same to deploy the new SCCM client if client push/upgrade doesnt work. /Tobias
  15. If you want to fallow the side-by-side approach this will work just fine but it will take some time mate But, why not insall SCCM on the new box directly, upgrade SMS client on all computers to the new SCCM client with a script, GPO or logonscript, assign your computers to you new site. Useful scripts can be found at /Tobias