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multiple sccm servers with PXE boot option



in my infra,i have both SCCM 2007 & 2012 Serverwith PXE Enabled settings.


when i m booting up my targeted machine it is booting & contacting to only SCCM 2007 server,not to SCCM 2012 server.

I want that my machine contact with SCCM 2012 Server. or there can be selection list to choose SCCM server to contact.


bothe server are in same domain & on same subnate.Plz help...


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Have you tried simply changing PXE response times, so Leave 2012 at 0 and modify 2007 PXE server to 5 seconds?


Also are there any DHCP options on the DHCP server 60,67 configured from your old 2007 server?

maybe the boot server hostname(60) is pointing to incorrect server??

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Hi, Thanks for reply.


No there are no options like 60,67 configured in DHCP.


Actually what i want, some systems should boot with sccm 2007 & some from Sccm 2012.

so i have configured a ip address range boundary to sccm 2012 server.


now i m starting my systems with pxe boot.

still pointing to sccm 2007 server.

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