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Terminal Server - Block users from adding their own local printers

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Goodmorning everyone,


We were experiencing some problems with our Windows 2008R2 Enterprise Terminal server. These were mostly GPO related and have been solved for the most part. We now want to get rid of one final warning that keeps popping up in our event viewer (ID 1530):

Uw registerbestand is nog steeds in gebruik door andere 
toepassingen of services. Het bestand wordt nu verwijderd. De toepassingen en 
services die het registerbestand nu gebruiken, werken achteraf mogelijk niet 
meer goed. 
1 user registry handles leaked from 
Process 1312 
(\Device\HarddiskVolume1\Windows\System32\svchost.exe) has opened key 

What it says is that the registery file is still in use by a someone or something. We noticed the word "Printer" and went searching for possible solution and cause. Apparently this error happens every single time a users logs out when he/she took their locally installed printers with them while connecting to the terminal server. If we make a RDP file and disable the local resource - Printers, then we do not get this error.


We do not need our users to be able to use their own printers (or any printer for that matter). My question then is, how do I block them from adding their locally installed printers when they connect to our terminal server? Through a GPO we can block them from printing to their local printers, but that does not solve anything for us. I've been searching the internet for two days without luck. At the RDP-TCP properties I can disable the use of LPT and COM ports, but these days printers are usually USB or network connected.


Does anyone know if what I want is possible (without creating a RDP file for every single user for them to use)? :) Would help us quite a lot!






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