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Deploying Windows 7 via SCCM 2012 - Finalise Image Failure

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Wondering if someone can help us please....


We are trying to finalise a Windows 7 image that we have created so that we can deploy this via SCCM 2012 but we are currently getting the following error when trying to finalise...


"PEIMG failed to complete the operation with status code 0x80070005"


We have tried to create just a basic windows 7 image without any additional drivers and creating a custom Windows 7 image with additional drivers (which is want we want) but no matter what we do we get the above error.


I read a couple of posts on this site which suggested that to finalise an image you have inject the INF files first using "peimg /inf=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx /image=c:\mouttemp" but even when doing this first we still get the above error.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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You are building a custom image and trying to capture it so that you can deploy it via SCCM?

It is cleaner to have no drivers injected into a finalised image, deploying system specific driver packages along with the Task sequence is the recommended way.


There still should be no reason why you cant inject drivers and run a sysprep and capture Task to achieve this.

When do you get this error 0x80070005, during sysprep or during capture process?

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