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Procedures / Thoughts on CAS Primary Server Recovery

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Hey All / Niall -


This is my 2nd day at a new environment where SCCM 2012 SP1 was recently introduced. It's set up as a CAS and so far the only things set up were mostly admin things like boundaries and just over 30 secondary sites. The primary site has two SCCM servers - "CCM01" (Win08R2) is the CAS and "CCM02"(Win08R2) the Primary. These are both physical boxes...


When working on some packages, I noticed that there seemed to be issues with replication as I got error messages when trying to open / view / edit packages / applications when connected to CCM01 (attached below). When connected to CCM02 things worked great. I did some research and thought I'd revisit it today.
This morning I came in and CCM02 (the primary) is down and out. For whatever reason, it's stuck at "Starting Windows" and even safe mode won't bypass that. My manager has been looking at it and decided that since the secondary sites are 2012, that we just blow away the old and rebuild the OS partition of CCM02 fresh and using 2012.
When I open the Console, I obviously cannot connect to CCM01, but can to CCM02. Just like yesterday, I cannot view/edit/open Packages & applications, but there's only a few. The infrastructure, boundaries, and all the important stuff seems to be there still.
The Issue / Question
So... my question is, is there a procedure to do this? There were obviously replication issues to the point I'll probably delete and recreate all programs from scratch, but is this safe? We do have backups of CCM02, but they don't want to restore them because they said the server was built incorrectly in the beginning anyways plus want to go to 2012.
Please let me know any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas - Thanks!

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hi Ben, why did they setup a CAS as a matter of interest, I do point out many reasons not to set one up,


the primary site that died, was that a CM07 site ?

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