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SUP "the source folder for content does not exist"

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I have a SCCM 2012 SP1 Primary Site, stand alone.

I have installed the Software Update Point, and I have created the ADR for updating by updates category and on relevant collections, as described here :


The first week, everything seems to be ok... but suddenly some of my workstations have shown in Software Center:

Downloading, 0%...


I've started troubleshooting, and i have found out that my packages on SCCM Console shows a completion status of "failed".

When I look further, i see the error is;


"The source folder for content does not exist"


When i check the path, it is the correct path, defined before in the ADR Creation. But there is no more subfolder...

If i run manually the ADR, i see that the folder (for example "Windows 8") is created in the correct path.

But after sometimes, this folder seems to be deleted! At least there is nothing left in the parent folder.

And this happens before all my clients workstations have been updated ==> the ones that get the updates later will not be able to apply the patches...


I have applied the CU2, but it does not seem to help...

For information, the path is type:



And when the ADR runs, the subfolders appear at:






Anybody can help?


Thank you very much in advance!





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