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SCDPM 2012 SP1 in a LAB – Configuration (Part D – Protection Groups)


Protection Groups

In order for DPM to protect our data, we need to have the DPM Protection Agent installed. But that’s not enough. We also need to add the system to a Protection Group. That’s what we will document here.

Start by launching the DPM console, and navigating to the Protection area.

Create Protection Group 01.png


On the toolbar at the top of the console, click on New.

Create Protection Group 02.png


On the Welcome page, review the information presented, and then click Next.

Create Protection Group 03.png


On the Protection Group Type page, choose whether you are protecting Servers or Clients. For our lab example, we will choose Servers, and then click Next.

Create Protection Group 04.png


On the Select Group Members page, expand the Server(s) and select what you want to protect.

Create Protection Group 05.png


When you select what you want to protect, it will automatically be added to the Selected Members list, then click Next.

Create Protection Group 06.png


On the Data Protection Method, give the Protection Group a name (like PROD Active Directory Servers), and choose either short-term and/or long-term protection, then click Next. For this lab example, since I don’t have a Tape Library to simulate long-term backups, I will only use short-term.

Create Protection Group 07.png


On the Short-Term Goals page, you can set a retention range, sync frequency, recovery points, and backups; then click Next.

Create Protection Group 08.png


On the Disk Allocation page, review the information modifying it in required, then click Next.

Create Protection Group 09.png


On the Replica Creation Method page, choose either Automatic or Manual, and then click Next.

Create Protection Group 10.png


On the Consistency Check Options page, it is recommended to perform consistency checks on the data. You may also opt-in to performing daily checks. Then click Next.

Create Protection Group 11.png


On the Summary page, review the selections made, and then click Create Group.

Create Protection Group 12.png


Depending on how many systems and the amount of data, it may take a little while to complete.

Create Protection Group 13.png


Once the task is complete, the Results will show Success. Click Close.

Create Protection Group 14.png


Back in the DPM console, you will now see the system you added, along with the items being protected.

Create Protection Group 15.png



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