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Application Catalog - Application installation not started

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I am having a bit of trouble with CM 2012 SP1. We recently had cert issues with our Cert Authority and we had to re-create most certs. I was able to get CM back up and running and everything was deploying fine. Yesterday the CM Primary site server restarted due to unforeseen circumstances and ever since clients have not been able to run programs from the application catalog, they are getting the below error on ALL apps;

"Application installation not started

The application could not be installed. The most common reason is that software does not support the version of Windows currently installed on your computer."

I am not seeing any errors from the logs I am going through. There is a warning on the distribution point as it is almost full 9GB free, but I assume that can’t be related.


I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.




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I have the same error here.


I have an environment with trusted domains. The security permissions are properly configured to allow other domain's users access, the client settings are configured to allow installation for "All Users" but when a non administrative user try the installation from the other domain he gets this error. Admin users install with no problems.


Any type of users from the primary server's domain can install all apps with no problems.


Ps. I don't have the SP1 installed.


any help please ?

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