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I need some advice? How do most of you reconcile the device lists? I have 2393 in my all devices list, but only 1637.00 in all desktop and server clients. Ive massaged all the discover settings but want to make sure I have the optimum settings to pick up all devices that are under 60 days old. I put a new device on the network and the sccm client and mandatory software installs in under 15 minutes. I have some devices that are excluded from discovery, so they should not be in that list. I set the discover limit to only capture stuff from AD that has logged in to ad within the last 60 days. I Im preety sure my numbers are correct but my boss thinks im about 200 devices off.


  1. The list of devices changes constantly obviousoly. How can I reconcile the difference in number of devices in the default list of " All Systems" and "All Desktop and Service Clients" ?
  2. How do you make sure you are getting all the devices on your network.?



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