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TMG 2010 and SCOM 2012

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Hey Itian,


Just so that I can follow you, are you installing the agent manually or trying to push it from the console?


I recall when I did some work for a Government department which had TMG/UAG implemented, we had to install the Agent manually.


If you could provide me with some more details around versions/environment (i.e. OS, SCOM, etc.) I will try to implement TMG in my lab and test the Agent install.

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Hi Itian,


I successfully installed TMG 2010 in my lab, and was able to successfully install the SCOM Agent.


I followed the same instructions that you did (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee958147.aspx).


I first attempted to push the SCOM Agent from the console, to confirm that it wouldn't work (as expected).


TMG SCOM Agent Push Error.png


I then followed the steps in Create a New Access Rule for Operations Manager.


TMG Firewall Policy.png


I then installed the SCOM Agent manually (using the SCOM installation media), as detailed in the steps in Install the Operations Manager Agent on the Forefront TMG Computers


The TMG system/Agent then appeared in the SCOM console under Pending Management.


TMG SCOM Agent Pending.png


After a little time, the TMG SCOM Agent shows as being in a Health state.


TMG SCOM Agent Healthy.png


So, it worked for me. But, now that I have TMG in my lab, I can continue to help you out.


Can you provide any errors, etc. that you may be experiencing?

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