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    I just found the culprit: No default gateway was configured on my DHCP server, i have added a valid IP and now everything working great, even without any internet connection. Now, why 1903 need that one and not lower version .... I am working in a test environment with VMWARE
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    Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is needed for software updates synchronization and for the software updates applicability scan on clients. The WSUS server must be installed before you create the software update point role. The following versions of WSUS are supported for a software update point: source > https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/sum/plan-design/prerequisites-for-software-updates
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    hi Harley, that line is basically showing you that you can add Additional Attributes via PowerShell, you just need to define them, try it in a lab first and you'll see they get set correctly, then adjust for production use and do the same thing good luck ! cheers niall as regards part 8, that's all about time and things, right now i focus on work and 'releases' from Microsoft, when they release something that i should blog about, i do (for example the MBAM stuff in TP1909)
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    Windows internal database is selected by default for WSUS installs (not to be confused with WID connectivity option) - You must unselect it before you get to the WSUS features section otherwise server manager WSUS install will spit out that error i screenshotted. It actually installed regardless of the error but WSUS service didn't start properly, i've spent three days of rabbit hole chasing to rectify it as opposed to starting again from scratch for the third time, this included a deep dive into IIS and configuration modifications into the WSUSAppPool, but finally got to this stage now without error
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