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  1. I'm getting the error from destination computer which is no operate system, I don't capture the image, and I deploy ISO' wim file directly, it appears the message when i start the computer.
  2. i copy it from the ISO, the ISO is download from msdn
  3. Hi guys, i'm coming again, i have read the anyweb's article and step by step do it, but i got a error when i deploy osd, i don't know what the problem is hope someone can help me ? thanks you all
  4. Hi guys, There is a problem for sccm 2007, I have installed sccm 2007, i want to use remote assistance, but it appear a message box "unable to locate remote assistance files", so I don't know why it is, and I add the "Assistance" feature on widnows 2008 R2, but it is also unavaiable, I try to use it on windows 7, but the same to windows 2008 R2, I can't use it on windows 7, i don't know what i should do, Could anyone can help me ? tell me what i do... my sccm 2007 version : sccm 2007 R3 thanks all,
  5. Hi all, could someone tell me when the sccm 2012 will be release, I have looked for sccm team blog, but I can't find anything about it. Thanks all,
  6. Thank you,anyweb,we thank you for your all post. Excuse me, my english is just so-so, i will make a mistake, I hope you don't mind me or my english.
  7. It‘s so great~~thanks your,anyweb~ thanks for your post,we can learn more about sccm 2012 I think it also can deploy automatic,we also use automatic deployment rules, just like auto approve in wsus~
  8. I have configure Software update point, and sychronize with wsus, now I want to delete some updates or all updates, but I don't know how to delete it, I can't see any Delete button, Does someone can tell me how to delete it. thanks
  9. when do you post “Deploy Software Updates” ? I'm waiting for you~~ thanks
  10. Hi guys. Hope everything goes fine today ! I have a problems why i have so may updates items, such as ATI drivers, other country language pack and so on. I remember i did not select it, in product, i just select windows 7, and in classifications, i just select critical updates, security updates and update rollups. i just select them why does sccm 2012 have so many updates? how to remove or delete them ?
  11. Thanks man~ I also want to know more something about the "software update group" , what does it for? and how to remove the updates on sccm 2012, i have some unless updates,I want to delete it, but i can't find any "delete" or "remove" could you tell me how to remove it
  12. Hi Guys someone could tell me how to configure the update and deploy the updates. i want to know how client can get the updates, just like wsus ?
  13. Hi Guy I think the problems is the permission of System Management, you can try it again following the setup 1.Open the "Active Directory users and computers", find "system" folder. 2.open System properties on the system folder, then click security tab. 3.add the your sccm computer name. 4.click the advanced,find the your sccm name and edit it. 5.select "this object and all descendant objects" on apply . 6. then click ok. you can see this link: http://blogs.technet.com/b/msdchina/archive/2009/06/08/client-trouble-shooting.aspx This is the chinese team of sccm, you can see it. my English is just so so,I wish you can know it clearly. My email & MSN : liuzheng@live.it Skype : liuzheng05121 Any no clear, please let me know.
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