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  1. I'm looking for a way to tell what user moved a computer into a collection. Is there a way to figure this out?
  2. Hello all, I'm working with windows updates to apply in the task sequence during the image process. I have followed the directions from this site and others. It is working however it seems to not be applying all of the updates that are in the update list. It is applying about 15 updates and then quits. After the image process if I go to windows updates and check online for updates there are about 11 still in there. I cross check these with my list and most if not all are in my list. I get the same result if I create a TS that runs with out OS deployment.
  3. I first followed directions on here but have doubled check with the link you sent.
  4. I'm having a real issue with setting up my secondary site proxy management points. I've searched the topics and it seems that there seems to be many people with my error but each suggestion does not seem to solve my problem. I thought I had it with the webdav xml file. I made the changes and the errors went away but came back the next day. Error I'm getting in console: SMS Site Component Manager failed to install this component, because the designated Web Site of Internet Information Services is not running or started. Possible cause: The designated Web Site is in the Stoppe
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