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  1. Help with SCCM and Active Directory On same server. Well hello my name is Zaper and I'm from Israel First thing first: I never seen an SCCM in my life this is my first time and I got no idea how to use it. Now few years ago a guy that used to work here installed the SCCM in our Active Directory server so I have on the same server both SCCM 2007 and my active directory. (Windows server 2003). my manager came over and sad "well we got this something that supposed to work but no one have a clue how to use it so you do it". Now all I need to happen is I want to push a package that will be installed on certain clients in my active directory. When I had a new client to my AD it wont show on SCCM but! When I click: Connect to site data base > connect to site data base on this server > browse I see the new client I added to the AD. Please If I got no chance to make it work please let me know. Sorry for bad grammar Zaper.
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