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  1. I know this is an old threat but my boss wants exactly report like this. Do you have a query that works for SCCM 2012 or CB 1706? Thanks in advance, newnoob
  2. I have a SQL query and try to insert those in as below but it show error of invalid CollectionID Please help. I have o knowledge of SQL: SELECT DISTINCT(CPU.SystemName0) AS [system Name], CPU.Manufacturer0 AS Manufacturer, CPU.Name0 AS Name, COUNT(CPU.ResourceID) AS [Number of CPUs], CPU.NumberOfCores0 AS [Number of Cores per CPU], CPU.NumberOfLogicalProcessors0 AS [Logical CPU Count] FROM [dbo].[v_GS_PROCESSOR] CPU where CollectionID= @coll GROUP BY CPU.SystemName0, CPU.Manufacturer0, CPU.Name0, CPU.NumberOfCores0, CPU.NumberOfLogicalProcessors0 begin if (@__filterwildcard = '') SELECT DISTINCT CollectionID, Name FROM v_Collection ORDER BY Name else SELECT DISTINCT CollectionID, Name FROM v_Collection WHERE CollectionID like @__filterwildcard ORDER BY Name end
  3. newnoob

    USMT 4

    Hi, I am newbie here and would like to ask question if you can help me: I've tried to run scanstate to scan remote PC but it always scan my PC instead. It seems the offline only work with winPE and I have to reboot the remote PC to start the offline scanstate but I don't want to do that, since the remote PCs 200 miles away. Is there anyway that I can do scanstate remotely without using winPE?
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