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  1. PR: Do you mean manually copying boot.packageid.wim file or pxe boot files? if PXE boot files, from where did you copy those files?
  2. I ended up in re-installing SQL cluster which then worked.
  3. It works as I have done similar way i.e, giving sccmsvrs group the permissions required. Although you get a *warning* during installation that SCCM Server doesn't have proper rights to system management which you can safely ignore. Please follow LAB Part 1 document found here for providing the delegate permissions. You add sccmsvrs group just like you are adding a sever.
  4. Per the document here: "In addition I created some accounts in AD, namely: * SMSadmin, a domain user * Testuser, a domain user * Testuser2, a domain user * Testuser3, a domain user * DomJoin, a domain user,(for joining computers to the domain) * ReportsUser, a domain user for reporting services. * ClientInstall, a domain user used when installing the Configuration Manager Client for Client Push. This user must be a local administrator on computers you want to install the Configuration Manager Client. * SCCMNAA, a domain user, (Network Access Account) used during OSD" what are the domain user account rights here? For example: SMSAdmin is just a domain user or part of domain administrator group? Please provide break down of each user account. Thanks
  5. I have installed a hierarchy SCCM 2012 - CAS-PRI. PXE is enabled. Now, when I PXE boot a Hyper-V VM at first boots fine then goes upto Build and Capture TS selection. Once selected, next I see retrieving policy for this computer, resolving task sequence dependencies and then errors out (in smsts.log: 0x80040102). Attached are few screenshots and SMSts.log file. smsts.log Strange part of the PXE is once I remove computer from the Devices list so that I can retry but VM won't PXE boot until few mins (pic 4). Why? does SCCM takes time to clear out that unknown computer from the system?
  6. ConfigMgrPrereq (2).log Please help. ENV: Two node SQL Cluster - 2008 R2 SP1_CU4 - Two instances - one for SCCM CAS and other for SCCM PRI. Ports - 1433, 1434 & SSB port: 4022, 4023 Windows 2008 R2 Ent For SCCM 2012 NETBIOS SPN is required? setspnresults.txt Thank you
  7. please make sure sql virtual cluster name is published in DNS. You can enable by going into properties of it under failover mmc. you can also user setspn -a instancename\sqlclustername.mydomain.loc:1433 mydomain\domainuser. please check my post for other setting. http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5339-sccm-2012-site-database-on-sql-cluster/page__fromsearch__1
  8. resolved: You do need to provide instance but in order for it to work you need to remove dynamic ports. restart sql service. entry see below:
  9. ConfigMgrPrereq.log What am I missing? Initially AD permission didn't show up but second run showed AD issue. Why? I did delegate again for system mgmt. container but this warning remains.
  10. Please see my post: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5339-sccm-2012-site-database-on-sql-cluster/
  11. Interesting … leaving blank on instance name textbox ...took to next screen. But that's not default instance? So what does default stands ONLY ONE instance?
  12. I have installed two node clustered SQL Server 2008 R2 with SP1 & CU4 updates on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have used SQLAdmin domain user (i know i should have installed with SCCMAdmin but our requirement is that I cannot use other than SQL service account). Per Part 1 document I have set firewall settings for TCP 1433 and 4022 via GPO. I have SCCMAdmin domain user trying to install SCCM 2012. Log shows: "creating sql connectionn to database sqlinstance\master on SQLclustername.mydomain.loc" and get a popup msg as "Setup is unable to connect to SQL Server with the connection information provided. Verify the following:" I have added SCCMSvrs (group which has all sccm computer accounts) and sccmadmins (group) to Local Administrators group in SQL nodes. Also, I have added SCCMAdmin account in SQL Instance as sysadmin. Still no go. Please help. Thanks
  13. Mistake: i was typing PXEServer instead of MDTSvr which is actually the server name. Overlooked. All is well.
  14. i have searched under domain admin on MDTSvr ... no pxesetup.log. i haven't checked sccm computer account access on MDTSvr therefore I think as you mentioned may not be able to install PSP. But wouldn't there be a log somewhere to say that? Update: Added SCCM computer account in MDTSvr Administrators group but still no go. Here's the screenshot: (I did delete PSP then deleted PXEServer from the node and then re-added the server.) Thanks
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