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  1. Hallo, By SCCM Installation, Did i must install the MP and the DP directly or can i install this 2 Roles later?? Thanks
  2. hallo Everybody, I have a poblem with my PXE (DP). I have Successfully Activated, the WDS is also started, i configured all what is to do: - Network Access Account - Boundary Group - Distribute Both Boot Image (x64, x86) --> also in RemoteInstall is successfully. - Task Sequence -Computer Manually Added...... But when i Boot the Client i can´t get the PXE Server until i became error: PXE-E53 No Boot filename received... I tried many time to Reinstall the PXE but it´s the Same Problem. Did SomeOne have an idea? Note: in my Lab i don´t have a standalone Site. Thank you
  3. hallo StefanWe, I have the Same issue... I though this bug will be resolved with RC2!!
  4. hallo, Did the SQL server 2008 R2 SP1 Reporting Services not Supported for SCCM 2012 Reporting Point?? just SQL 2008 (without R2) is supported or what? Thanks
  5. Thanks for post, I tried this workaround like you earlier Post, but no change I got the same error.
  6. Hello, I´m trying to Enable the SCCM 2012 RC PXE but every Time that i enabled the WDS Service will be stopped and unable to started. I investigate the Eventlog and some Event are there, some of this are similar to some Error in earlier post there, But one Event ist: Event ID: 33 Activation context generation failed for "\\DP01.Domain.com\SMS_DP$\sms\bin\smspxe.dll". Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC90.CRT,processorArchitecture="amd64",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",type="win32",version="9.0.30729.4148" could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis. Did some
  7. Hallo, Did someone know, Why the WDS service failed to start? Thank you
  8. hallo, I try to install SCCM 2012 RC with Clustered SQL Instance, and i get always some failures by Prerequisite Check: 1. Validate FQDN of SQL Server Machine: Sql connection by machine account requires valid FQDN. 2. Primary FQDN: Configuration Manager only supports the use of primary FQDN’s, where the DNS hostname (first label in the FQDN) matches the NetBIOS hostname of the computer. The FQDN provided for this site system does not meet this requirement and cannot be used. Correct the FQDN and try again. ERROR: Failed to copy D:\CONFIGMGR_2012_RC1_ENU_7678\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64\sms
  9. Hallo, What is with SCCM 2012 with Clustered SQL?? Did Someone have an Idea?? Thanks
  10. Hallo, Why do you add the Computer Account SCCM$ to local Administrator group of SCCM Computer?? You add the Account to him self or what? you install all locally, SQL, SCCM.... Thanks
  11. Hallo, When i try to create a new MDT 2012 Task in SCCM 2012, i became an Error: Error while importing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Task Sequence. Started processing. Creating boot image. Generating boot image. Capturing new boot image WIM file. Copying WIM image to package source directory. Error while importing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Task Sequence. Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlQueryException: The SMS Provider reported an error. ---> System.Management.ManagementException: Generic failure at System.Management.ManagementExcept
  12. hallo, how can SCCM determine if the network is fast or slow? Thank you
  13. Hallo, I have a question, i uninstalled the SCCM 2012 Client (CCMsetup.exe /uninstall)from the machine and unfortunattly it still Active appearing in the SCCM Console. I tried to rediscover and to update the collection but it still appearing in the console. did someone have an idea? Do i must enable the site maintenance query? Thank you
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