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  1. Hi, I am currently installed XP SP3 on a few remaining computer and was wondering is there any log files (like the ones you get from the advertisement status) to show which computers and when took the update? Im am running the install on a site by site basis as the computers are needing a restart. Thanks Scott Jordan.
  2. I tried what you suggested Peter33 but i am still not getting the office 2010 progress bar displaying. Any other ideas?
  3. Thank for that, i will give this ago. By selecting "only when user is loggen on" tho it will only install when the user has logged in? Not if the computer is at the login screen? could still work.. What have other people done for the installation. Sorry to ask its just my first large roll out that i have done by myself.
  4. Hi, I am currently working in deploying Office 2010 to 1800 computers. I have created a package and a MSP file and all seems to be working great. The only problem is that when i run the install via SCCM the office 2010 progress bar does not appear but i run the setup.exe manualy it appears. I have configured the .msp to have basic display with supress modal and no cancel. The program for my package is set to Run: Normal, After Ruinning: No action required. The install runs succesfuly 95% of the time via SCCM but the business wants the customer to see a display of the installation progress so that they dont do something during the installation that might cause it to crash. Has anyone got any indeas about why this might be happening or any other ways of doing the roll out where the customers will get notified about the installation. Regards Scottyj82
  5. No i cant see any errors on any of the components that i believe would have something to do with the discovery. Which ones would be the best to look at? It happened again this morning. Was trying to add computers to a collection all day via securty group discovery and it wasn't appearing. When i came into work this morning it appeared. Seems like the 'run full discovery as soon as possible' dosent seem to import the infomation that it fines but the normal full discovery that is done at midnight works fine.
  6. Hi, This is my first time posting in this forum so please forgive me if i have posted this in the wrong place. I am currently having a new issue (everything was working fine about 3 days ago but is no longer working), were collections dont seem to updating properly when running 'update collection membership'. Couple fo examples; a computer shows as no client installed, i install the client via the manual install (right click on computer and install client). The client installs on the computer but it doesn't show up in the collection that the client is installed. I run the update and refresh and nothing changers. Ill also tried running the software inventory cycle on the client itself but nothing changers. But when i come in the next day the client shows up as being installed. i just dosent seem to refresh during the day. Another example is when i add a security group to a computer for software installation it dosent appear in the collection. I run the 'run full discovery as soon as possible' in the active directory secuirty group discovery and see that it was succesful in the logs but nothing shows up in the collection. Once again overnight tho it seems to work. Both examples were working a couple of days ago. I did have a issue 2 days ago where the discovery was 'blind' to AD which i resolved by restarting the central sever but ever since then it hasnt seem to run properly. Does anyone have an ideas about what might be happening?? If you need any other infomation about this please let me know and ill see what i can get for you. Regards Scottyj82
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