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  1. We run a SCCM Scan (Compared with AD) that determines if the pc is in communication with SCCM. If it is not then it most likely means the SCCM client is corrupt on the PC.
  2. Currently we dont know what the root cause is but we are slowly migrating the whole network to Windows 7, which we have found has had no issues with SCCM. We are currently implementing a way to allow the end users to do a 1 click upgrade to Windows 7, when they are ready, via out Intranet. Currently our only fix for all SCCM related issues is to re-image the devices which is can take a while as we have many affiliates across Australia and it takes time for the device to come down to our local helpdesk.
  3. Hi everyone, We currently have over 1000 objects in AD which should all have a healthy SCCM client, but due to the PC's not being turned on all the time the client becomes corrupt for some reason. I beleive the most efficient way to fix those PC's on the network that have SCCM issues is to have a script read from a computers.txt list, which contains all the corrupted computers, and have the script grab that name from the computers.txt list and let the script run a ccmsetup.exe on that remote PC using PSEXEC. We currently use site code AP0 and have the ccmsetup.exe file. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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