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  1. Sigh! I gave up on making an XP reference machine inside Hyper-V in order to create an install image. I still think it should be possible, if you can makeXP in VM boot from network, for instance. I did however manage to get XP install done using WDS by using the VISTA WinPE, which is a bit more flexible (it opens a command prompt and then you can run diskpart, format, net use, etc. a really great admin tool actually!).You boot in Vista WinPE, then net use a share with XP install CD/DVD on WDS server and do [Z:\]I386\winnt32. The only caveat is I had to reformat the HD install partition at
  2. Hi Thank you for this excellent guide - it really helped me get WDS up (and running!) I now want to create a windows XP install image, so I can do a PXE/network installation of XP onto a laptop (which will not boot from optical/cd or usb). I installed WIndows XP into a VM in Hyper-V. I even found the sysprep stuff on the XP CD - is there any way I can create an XP install image using this setup? Any help gratefully received! J
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