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  1. First I want to say that I am relatively new to SCCM. My office is looking at using it to deploy Windows 7. However a different office is responsible for installing software updates and patches. They will also be using SCCM 2007 to accomplishe these tasks. I want to know if SCCM 2007 can be configured with different rights based on the user accessing it. For example - I would like to set it up so that Operator1 can only deploy Operating System Images but cannot istall software updates and Operator2 can deploy software updates and patches. Is this type of stylized control available in SCCM 2007? Chuck Vinnedge
  2. Unfortunately I have never written a script so if someone has one that would be great if not I will break out the books.
  3. is there a way to customize the computer name using the task sequence. I want the names to be OS-Location-001 etc.. Example: Win7-Adm-001, Win7-Adm-002 and so on... Thanks Chuck
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