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  1. You should maybee consider a better solution, maybee clients that use built in sandboxing with verified boot, then you wouldent need to deploy all those anti virus stuffs And also do you really need to deploy Adobe Reader? There is alot of plugins and web applications that can read and edit PDF's, all you need is a webbrowser
  2. Found it : http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2011/05/05/how-to-create-offline-or-standalone-usb-media-for-os-deployment-in-configmgr-2007.aspx
  3. Is it possible to put a Task Sequence on to a USB stick, and be able to boot a computer with it and it runs the TS?
  4. In your case if you have 1 Primarysite and 4 DP for packages, i would run the Forest Discovery, it will create a boundary, enable it for site assigment. Then i whould create 4 different boundaries yes based on IP ranges, it will actually overlap the first one that Forest discovery creates, and assign them to my DP's only for content location described in the article you mentioned.
  5. PS + Secondary site: Link dies, nothing really happens directrly, the clients in the remoteoffice can talk to the MP on the Secondareysite. It can acces sourcefiles from the DP on the Secsite. PS + branch Link dies, client's cant talk to the MP on HQ, they can access already existing sourcefiles that whould be avaible on any branchclient. But won't get any new deployments. They wont get updates no nothing. But with ADSL i would go with PS and DistrubutionPoints, especially when you say that you are going to do OSD. Just install DP and enable PXE on it, distrubute sourcfiles to DP's and create a TaskSequence.
  6. But is it necessarily 4 different AD? Maybe site A,B,C,D are in the same AD/Forest.
  7. 1. You have one Managepoint with your PrimarySite (the built-in). It is possible to expose this Managepoint to Internet, but it's not recommended. The most common solution is to set up a Managepoint in a DMZ. 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. http://technet.micro...y/gg712701.aspx I know CBT Nuggets and Greg Shields have a really good chapter when he explains how you can set up IBCM in SCCM and also the PKI part step-by-step. http://www.cbtnuggets.com/it-training-videos/series/mcrsft_config_mngr/9223
  8. Sad to hear that it have caused problems for you and your users , i missed that you had tried the MSI, it have always worked fine for me. "Over half of my computers are now broken thanks to those @%#%tards at adobe. Now I get calls every few minutes to fix flash." Have you noticed Adobe in this? Maybe it's some bug? What OS doe's your computers run?
  9. Thanks Peter for your answer. Do you know if the System Management Container needs to exist in more than the domain were the Site is istalled? I mean for example i have two more domains that's covered by my Boundaries. Do i need to setup a System Management in those AD's aswell?
  10. If you have a CM07 site, then you probably already have the "System Management" Container within your AD: My question is, when migrating to a 2012 site, should i just re-use that container and set so my new 2012site also have permission to the container. Or do i have to delete the data that the 07 site have written in it?
  11. Just re-create the exe/packages to MSI with some tool like WinInstall LE
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