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  1. We have a forest domain with 2 child domains. Each child domain has it's own WDS server, and each child domain runs on their own subnet (child-domain-1: 10.100.x.x range, child-domain-2: 192.168.x.x range). Both of these networks are bridged too, so we can communicate with one another. When we image machines within child-domain-1, clients sometimes boot to the WDS server of child-domain-2. It takes quite a few reboots/on-offs to get to boot correctly. Is there anyway to correct this? child-domain-1 clients should ONLY boot to the WDS server of child-domain-1, and child-domain-2 clients should ONLY boot to the WDS of child-domain-2. It's quite annoying, and I've configured each to only connect to their respective domains.
  2. never mind, took the requirements off. Installed without a problem.
  3. I'm trying to deploy Firefox to some test clients. The test clients can see it in the ApplicationCatalog, and request/install it, but when it tries to execute, this error will pop up. Any ideas what's going on?
  4. Solved my own problem, had to reactivate .NET framework http://blogg.alltomdeployment.se/2011/11/404-error-server-error-on-cmapplicationcatalog-sccm-2012/
  5. I'm getting a 404 error too for the CMApplicationCatalog too. What did you do to fix this? I've uninstalled both Application roles and reinstalled them. Can someone help me out?
  6. Figured out why is wasn't running the Task Sequences: 1) needed to open WDS and make sure PXE was set to respond to all computers (all plus unknown). 2) Boot Images>Update Distribution Points, after I did this, it started working. Also, adding/importing machines manually doesn't work all the time and when it does, takes a minute or two to take effect and get added to the group you're advertising too - that's pretty annoying.
  7. 3 servers later, still abortpxe.com error. NO MAC address is visible in the SMSPXE.log file. Any help please? This issue is turning my hair gray.
  8. Just to experiment, I made another VM Server and configured just plain WDS, no SCCM install attempt. I updated DHCP options 66 and 67 to use this new WDS server as the PXE and boot image point. Both the VMware machine and Dell Optiplex 755 I deployed to PXE booted fine, prompted for the F12 and booted into Windows7 Setup correctly. So, I don't know what's going wrong with the SCCM server, it's just not cooperating - as I don't even touch the WDS console to modify anything and let SCCM do the configurations when the roles are added.
  9. Do you mean the "Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point"? If so, then yes, they are checked/enabled.
  10. This is also happening to a VM machine I am trying to PXE boot as well, any help investigating this is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. my smspxe.log files do not even show a MAC address :\ something is up...
  12. Ok, I built a new VM of SCCM from scratch and followed everything listed here. I cannot get PXE to boot. Still getting the abortpxe.com error. What e;se should I check, I'm pulling my hair here... 2 servers later and PXE still gives me abortpxe.com. HELP! >_<
  13. I'm trying to get this guide working. PXE is not booting, nor have I ever had it booting successfully. I always get the abortpxe.com error.
  14. No I haven't successfully booted into PXE yet, ever. I thought I screwed up in the config somewhere, so I restored from a snapshot (our SCCM 2012 RC runs on a VM), redid the configs, and still can't get it to boot from PXE. abortpxe.com is a thorn in my side right now. I've been stuck here for a few weeks, reading into this forum to see where things went wrong and stuff.
  15. I've followed this step by step, and I keep running into abortpxe.com when trying to PXE boot a Dell 755 for Windows 7 x64 capture task. SCCM2012 is running on it's own server, DHCP is running on a root-level domain controller w/ options 66 and 67 enabled, pointing to the SCCM server's IP address.
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