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  1. I just recreated a new sysprep file from scratch and my different images I've created so far are running nicely. Thank you.
  2. Couple of issues that I can't quite remember when dealing with sysprep. 1) I have a couple images that aren't to be joined to our domain, yet when I set <JoinWorkgroup>WORKGROUP</JoinWorkgroup> in sysprep.xml AND in WDS I select "Do not join the client to a domain after an installation", it still ends up connecting to the domain. 2) I'm noticing in the registry, the original computer name that had been sysprepped and captured was still showing up. I used: sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown I can't recall if this is just how it happens or if it's supposed to be like that.
  3. I'm using MDT Task Sequences with SCCM and am trying to get a proper Computer Description set. It was easy to do with OSDComputerName and check if a computer was already named properly in AD for whether or not a popup would ask for a new name. Now I've tried using the same method for setting the computer description. I've made sure that my Discovery settings includes the Description property, so I can see the AD Description in my Devices properties. The problem is how to set a task sequence variable to use the variable assigned to my device. I thought setting a variable: OSDComputerDesc with a value: %Description% would do it, but that was a bad guess. How do I bring in the Device Property Value and give it to my new TS Variable?
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