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  1. I presume by older version of SCCM you mean the 2007 flavour? if so check out these 2 links that may help you out. http://windowsitpro.com/configuration-manager/migrating-sccm-2007-sccm-2012 https://www.anoopcnair.com/sccm-configmgr-2007-to-2012-migration-reference-guide/ Hope this helps you out.
  2. Greeting everyone, I have been running SCCM 2012 in one of my enviroments since the beginning of December, over the last week things have started to go a bit wrong. Firstly none of the Query and Collection totals changed then, when Monitoring Application/Package deployments I noticed that the figures never changed for systems succeeding, in progress, error or unknown. Googled the problems checked all the relevant files and none of the errors that point you to a solution from Microsoft were there, then I found a blog that suggested I restore the site database. Got approval and carried out this task, documented the procedure and after 2 hours all was well, until today that is 2 days later my SCCM Primary Server is in a worse state than we I started, consensus here is for a rebuild of the site. Anyone have any other suggestions before I trash the site and rebuild SQL and SCCM. Thanks in advance David
  3. Thanks for that, trouble is I have 3 other Secondary Server without that role. As long as it causes no problems that is fine.
  4. While carrying out an intallation of a Secondary SCCM 2012 Server one of the guys has added the Site Database Server role, is there a way to remove this role from the Secondary Site or if I leave it there will it cause any dramas. Bloke has been shouted at and recieved a "virtual" slap on the back of the head. Many thanks for any advice David Baldwin
  5. Hi, I am having an issue where a test collection of 11 machines are at "waiting for content" for a package I have created, at least 2 of the clients get the error "Configuration Manager did not find a site to manage this client" I am trying to roll this out over 3 LAN spread across 1 country and as this is the first rollout I would like to correct this before I start to roll SCCM agents and software out to the rest of the LAN. I have checked all my documentation and googled the errors and I have set the collection and package correctly. I am at a loss as to what to do next, some assistance would be helpful Regards David
  6. Thanks for that, we will look to implement one of these, has to be better than clogging the system with loads of informational messages
  7. I have a problem with SCCM client finding 3G/WIFI clients once it is installed on the laptop, SCCM has a large number of errors because it cannot connect to the client using 3G/WIFI. Is there a way to ignore these clients, so that they are only polled when connected in the office? As the 3G/WIFI connection can be really slow sometimes I was thinking that once a month the client was brought into the nearest office and connected via ethernet to the LAN that way SCCM could update the machine/ Any advice/help most graciously accepted. Kind Regards Dave
  8. many thanks I ended up running a query against the product name, and found the offending Product on over 700 machines on my estate, now just have to get rind of this rubbish spyware product.
  9. I have been given the task of finding how many laptops/desktops have a particular .exe installed, is there a query or report I can configure/create to do this. Great fun of picking up a job half done by someone else. Thanks in advance Dave
  10. I am trying to find a way to run a script in SCCM 2007 against a collection to confirm that the AV service is running, checking the hardware inventory to every machine (5 estates, 2000 machines per estate) is time consuming and I need to find a more productive way to do this. any help or advice gratefully recieved.
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