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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm very new to SCCM 2012, so please explain detailed as possible. I'd like to deploy Visual Studio 2012 using SCCM 2012 (which was downloaded from MSDN). I've being trying to search the internet and Windows-Noob web, but i couldn't find instructions to deploy it. I've only find articles on VS2010 or SCCM 2007 (for example microsoft's msdn: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee225239.aspx ) which wasn't understandable enough. I'm familiar with creating other applications (mostly msi based) and deploying them as a push installations and as a part of a complet
  2. Hello, 5. "Enable command support" is checked in x64 and x86, and i've updated the DPs, when exactly do i need to push F8? i've tried to click F8 after choosing the TS i've deployed on the machine, or in any step of the deployment but nothing happened, may you please upload a short video of how doing this? i'll be grateful. 6. Well if i undestand you right, in order to add an EXE installation i should choose "Manually specify the application information"? as i said i'm a new to sccm, after a lot of searching i've found this tutorial: http://blogs.technet.com/b/mniehaus/archive/2011/08/
  3. Hello Everyone, I've enabled the PXE on the DP and on my VMs the PXE booting works pefectly, But on physical computers i'm getting to following error: What can i do to fix it? This is what i get from the smspxe.log when trying to load the physical machine from the PXE: Set media certificate in transport SMSPXE 3/15/2012 9:31:45 AM 3220 (0x0C94) Set authenticator in transport SMSPXE 3/15/2012 9:31:45 AM 3220 (0x0C94) Set authenticator in transport SMSPXE 3/15/2012 9:31:45 AM 3220 (0x0C94) Client lookup reply: <ClientIDReply><Identification Unknown="0" ItemKey="0"
  4. Hi, I'm kind of new to this world of installing system's from scratch, i know there's a few steps before the official product, and i know that RC2 is the last release before the final release, but my team leader said that it's ok to install it even on production, since that's the last release and when the offical release will come out we'll just need to do an upgrade or something. As i understand from you it is not recommanded, can you give me a good reasons so i'll be able to talk with my team leader on it? 1. The only thing i've found in this artical is that i need minimum of 2 GB, but
  5. Hello Everyone, First i would like to say thank you for your great guide on SCCM 2012 RC2! It was very useful for my organization. Today we're installing new computer from a syspreped image that we have to each OS & Hardware (desktops & laptops), and deploying new machines took too many configurations after deploying the image, that's why i've looked for a better solution, and then i've heared about SCCM, and found your great website. I'm new to the SCCM system & concept. I've watched CBT nuggets's guides on SCCM 2007 but it's still not coverying 2012, but i've kind of
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