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  1. Finally got this one nailed down. Thanks to the post from John Savill Here http://www.windowsit...0#commentAnchor From MS TechNet Note: The actual installation deadline time is the displayed deadline time plus a random amount of time up to 2 hours. This reduces the impact of all client computers in the destination collection from installing the software updates in the deployment at the same time." John recommends a workaround of setting the deadline 2 hours before the start of the maintenance window. This enables the updates to all kick off at the same time. Looks like they are added functionality in SP1 for “Disable deadline randomization” within the agent settings. From MS Technet on SP1 Disable deadline randomization For System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 only. This setting determines whether the client uses an activation delay of up to two hours to install required software updates and required applications when the deadline is reached. By default, the activation delay is disabled. For virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) scenarios, this delay can help to distribute the CPU processing and data transfer for a computer that has multiple virtual machines that run the Configuration Manager client. Even if you do not use VDI, if many clients install the same software at the same time, this can negatively increase CPU usage on the site server, slow down distribution points, and significantly reduce the available network bandwidth. If required software updates and required applications must install without delay when the configured deadline is reached, select No for this setting. PS. I was testing before I found this information. One machine installed within 10 minutes of deadline, and another installed after an hour and half. I think the setting the deadline 2 hours before maintenance window sounds like a good workaround until the SP1 is released to manufacturing. I will test the workaround next week sometime and post an update.
  2. No, still have no answer on the issue. Another week until I will deploy patches again. I am going to take better notes this time on what machines work and which ones don't, then dig through all the client logs. Just don't get it. Machines in the same collection. A few start the deployment on time as expected, then others just sit at "Past due – Will be installed". It’s like the process works if you let it sit long enough (for hours), but I only have a small window to patch and reboot the computers. I need them to kickoff within a few minutes of the set deadline.
  3. I continue to have issues deploying software updates with SCCM 2012. In some cases updates kick off and install at the desired deadline time. In other cases they will sit at "Past due – Will be installed" until i manually login and kick them off. Servers in same collection, a few work as expected and most sit at Past Due. I have a large maintenance window of 24 hours scheduled, and only deploying 1-8 updates. I have looked through the client logs but nothing jumps out at me. These are production servers so the timing is sensitive, and they need to be deployed within an hour of the specified deadline. This is causing me extra work having to logon to the servers individually and manually kick off the updates. I have confirmed the client setting "Agent extensions manage the deployment of applications and software updates" is set to false. I have searched around and can not find a solution to this issue, only the talk of maintenance windows and Agent extension setting. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. I found the info on Technet Maximum run time : Sets the maximum number of minutes that a software update installation has to complete before the installation is no longer monitored by Configuration Manager. This setting is also used to determine whether there is enough time to install the update before the end of a maintenance window. The default setting is 60 minutes for service packs and 5 minutes for all other software update types. Values can range from 5 to 9999 minutes. It can be set from \Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\All Software Updates getting the properties of the update. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg712304#BKMK_SoftwareUpdatesSettings
  5. Anyone have any good information on how Max run time is calculated for SCCM 2012 software update deployments? Last month i ran into issues deploying updates, and had to manually kick them off, because the max run times exceeded the Maintenance window. Updates stuck at status of "Past due - will be installed" I know i can select ignore maintenance window on deadline, but wanted to ensure updates will not install/reboot outside specified maintenance windows. I would also like to minimize the duration of the maintenance windows to just a little more than the required time for the patches and reboots. Servers are missing a lot of patches, don't think it will be an issue once we get them on a normal update cycle. Thanks
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    Cancel Software Update Deployments ?

    Ahhh, I see. I was right there, just never went to deployment Tab. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know how to cancel a software update Deployment in SCCM 2012. I cant seem to find the information. I don't see the option to delete /cancel under \Monitoring\Overview\Deployments to cancel. I can only think of two things to do. 1. Delete the Software update Group. 2. Update deployment properties and assign to a dummy collection with no members. I would like to keep the update group if possible.