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  1. need to create simple package with the program: LyncSetup64.exe /install /silent or LyncSetup.exe /install /silent
  2. http://madluka.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/error-0x8000405-when-installing-applications-to-a-workgroup-system-during-build-and-capture-task-sequence/
  3. I think I found the reason. If you enter computer in domain and specify the unit domain computers OS; packages; applications - installed and no error 0x80004005 This only works during setup windows 7. XP doesn't work( I think SCCM don't have enough privileges to install programs on the local machine
  4. Hi! I have the same problem Yesterday, I asked Microsoft for technical support That's what they sent me: Resolution Removed the IUSR from the Guests group and added to the Users Group. Restarted the SMS Site Component Manager. It worked fine. Resolution We reinstalled the WebDAV and BITS since the UAC settings have been changed. Then we configured the WebDAV and IIS following the article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc431377.aspx But we encountered another issue in the mpsetup.log: checking WebDAV configuraitons WebDAV settings is not setup appropriately [Allow property queries with infinite depth] should be true (false) [Allow Custom Properties] should be false (true) [Allow anonymous property queries] should be true (false) Allow [All users read access to All content] authoring rule should exist (exist) However the UI settings showed the identical setting. To resolve the inconsistent result, we reinstalled the WebDAV and confirmed the settings in the applicationHost.config under the C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config. Then the MP can be installed successfully. After that the Task sequence execution is well. Resolution Do not join the domain during the sysprep and capture sequence. Do that during the deployment task sequence. I followed their instructions, but that does not work! they don't know how to fix this error will be torturing me with his stupid advice
  5. Ok, I will try help you 1. Go to Configuration Manager Console 2. Administration - Hierarchy Configuration - Boundary Groups and Create Boundary Group 3. Enter Boundary Group name and add all right boundary 4. Click Apply and OK 5. Must work p.s. sorry my bad english, good luck!
  6. Hello! Click here sorry, topic was created in Russian forum Google Translator you some help
  7. Hi, guys. I have next problem: The all package(CCM00004) is living and located on DP I tried to update the SCCM client on DP. Delete and recreate Task Sequences. I don't understand that he does not like.. smsts.log
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