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  1. This was from the CAS.log Download location found 0 - \\SCCSCCM01.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.COM\SMSPKGC$\LPC000D3 Download failed for content LPC000D3.1 under context S-1-5-21-4234435504-1500553131-2518409970-4689, error 0x800700ce Download failed for download request {054A3652-5948-47E2-A77E-C93762DFB5EC} Raising event: [sMS_CodePage(437), SMS_LocaleID(1033)] instance of SoftDistDownloadFailedEvent { ClientID = "GUID:1E533D6B-0CE7-4B4E-81BA-A17336173D15"; DateTime = "20120806130451.531000+000"; MachineName = "SCCXXXXX01"; PackageId = "LPC000D3"; PackageName = "LPC000D3"; PackageVersion = "1"; ProcessID = 1776; SiteCode = "LPC"; ThreadID = 2884; }; From the execmgr.log OnContentAvailable program NX 8.0.2 32bit Update NOT available, 0x800700ce Raising event: [sMS_CodePage(437), SMS_LocaleID(1033)] instance of SoftDistAdvertDownloadFailedMomEvent { AdvertisementId = "LPC20073"; ClientID = "GUID:1E533D6B-0CE7-4B4E-81BA-A17336173D15"; DateTime = "20120806130700.656000+000"; MachineName = "SCCXXXXX01"; PackageName = "LPC000D3"; PackageVersion = "1"; ProcessID = 1776; ProgramName = "NX 8.0.2 32bit Update"; SiteCode = "LPC"; ThreadID = 2884; Win32ErrorCode = 2147942606; }; From the DataTransferService.log DTSJob {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} created to download from 'file:\\SCCSCCM01.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com\SMSPKGC$\LPC000D3' to 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\Cache\LPC000D3.1.S-1-5-21-4234435504-1500553131-2518409970-4689'. DTSJob {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} in state 'DownloadingManifest'. Job {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} impersonating logged on user. Job {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} reverted impersonation. DTSJob {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} in state 'RetrievedManifest'. DTSJob {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} in state 'PendingDownload'. DTSJob {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} in state 'DownloadingData'. DTSJob {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} in state 'Cancelled'. DTSJob {FD4F3F4E-0148-4C39-9BF5-E3847A3FB3AA} cancelled by client.
  2. I have created a package in SCCM 2007 to deploy a software update. I have the package complete, updated distribution point, advertisement is working as it should to the clients. When the clients choose to install the program they error out and it says download is not available. I searched some logs and found an error code (error 0x800700ce)..Only thing i could find online was it had to do with the specified path is to long. And a fix offered...runing it from the server vs download and run locally did nothing. Please help. I need to get this software update deployed. Erik
  3. Scripting is not a strong suite of mine. If I use a task sequence to update already installed applications...how would the layout be? If i use it to copy a file over after an install how would i accomplish that? Thanks for the reply.
  4. Please Help! I am new to SCCM (and these forums) and could use some help with deploying software. I have 2 questions. Thanks in advance for any help. 1- I have set up a package that is being advertised to a collection that installs an application. This application recieves updates and maintenance releases all the time. What is the easiest way to address the deploying the updates? The client computers must have the original package installed for the update to run. 2- I have several applications that, after they install...they need an license file copied to a specific directory on the local computer. How can accomplish this?
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