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  1. I have. If I push the TS to my test machine, everything works great. Until recently when I started having issues. Before, I was able to set the BIOS password, enable and activate the TPM, but bitlocker would fail. So I tried pushing all but bitlocker... then bitlocker as a seperate TS that I push to the machine after it has been imaged. It was inconsistent. When I run the command locally on the test machine, via cmd, EVERYTHING works beautifully. Somehow, for some reason, what I'm trying to do doesn't like SCCM.... My test machine is an Optiplex 990
  2. I have finally figured out the TS to set a BIOS password, enable and activate the TPM... However, the built in 'Enable Bitlocker' step fails, with no error codes, and no logs. It appears to successfully complete, but it doesn't. I think I may need a script to take ownership. All of the scripts that I am running work beautifully within the OS via cmd, but through configmgr, not so good. Any help/advice would be great. Thanks!
  3. There are no errors in the log. It looks as if it completes successfully, yet it doesn't do anytyhing - not even set the BIOS password. I have since tried using the CCTK SCE, and within Windows, I can set a BIOS password, and enable the TPM, but I cannot activate it. Although, I think that BitLocker will take care of that, as long as it can see the unowned TPM. However, using the SCE during OSD still does not work My test machine is an Optiplex 745.
  4. I am wondering if the content in my package is incorrect? I point my step in my TS to the package (server\packages\CCTK\x86_64) and give it the run command line... However, what do I do then with the CCTK file that I exported? This is ONE of the wikis that I have followed. http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3875-customising-windows-7-deployments-part-5/
  5. I am trying to enable and activate the TPM chip on the Dell machine's we have. So far I have created the CCTK package, pushed it to my DP, etc, but it keeps failing at setting the BIOS password. I have been unable to get my task sequence to complete. Everything that I have read so far seems to lead me in the same direction, and yet I can get nothing to cooperate.
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