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  1. Thanks for the reply Garth. Can you expand a bit on the "security is not setup correctly on the new SQL server. and by the sound of it, it is at the table/view level."? Is this something that can be changed/updated vis SQL tools or do i need to move the DB in another way?
  2. Hello, I am trying to move the database from a SQL 2008 R2 cluster to SQL 2014 cluster. Our current set up is: Windows 2008 r2, SCCM 2012 (cu2 only, planing to upgrade to 2012 R2 as soon as DB is working), SQL 2008 r2 SP3. I took a backup of the DB on the old cluster, restored in the new one without any issues. I left the compatibility mode on 2008 - Schema 100. I run USE master; GO ALTER DATABASE CM_PR1 SET ENABLE_BROKER GO USE master; GO ALTER DATABASE CM_PR1 SET TRUSTWORTHY ON GO USE master; GO ALTER DATABASE CM_PR1 SET HONOR_BROKER_PRIORITY ON; GO Now, run the following query to check the settings again select name, collation_name, user_access_desc, is_read_only, state_desc, is_trustworthy_on, is_broker_enabled,is_honor_broker_priority_on from sys.databases where name = 'CM_PR1' to update all parameters. Next step was to install SQL Native client 2014 on the SCCM server and run the SCCM Configuration Manager Setup. I point to new DB and after about 10 min the setup finished successfully. I started the SCCM console and to my surprise all task/boot images/OS images and programs were gone. I still had all computers/collections/drivers/applications. I tried to change the SQL compatibility mode to 2-14 but no effect. Why only part of information is displayed? Is there another DB i need to take care off? Any help will be appreciated.
  3. Hello, I have 4 domains being monitored under SCOM. I have a very weird problem as every now and then one of the domains (always the same one), appears as offline (by domain, i mean all the servers that are in the domain). Evey time this happens, i check all servers, and they are absolutely fine. I can ping them, RDP, nothing in the event logs etc. It comes back after a couple of hours on it's own... Do you have any ideas? Which log should i be looking into? Thank you in advance! PS. I am a newbie in SCOM so please "be simple" in your answers
  4. Hello, What is the proper way to uninstall the package from the client machine? I pushed a acrobat reader as an exe instead of msi, and now not sure how to get rid of it... Also, to uninstall the application, do i just change the install to uninstall option? Thank you in advance, Wooju
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