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  1. Hi, I have managed to capture a Windows 7 machine using a create task sequence media, the reference PC was a vanila machine and all went ok. However if I add anything to the pc and try to take a image ie, office installed various software the task sequence then fails with an error 0x00004005. Ive tried looking for the smsts.log but cannot find it on the PC so unsure where to look as to why its failing. Ive tried capturing to a local drive in case of access rights but still fails! Whats frustrating is that it did work! nothings changed apart from a couple days (weekend) Any ideas?
  2. Hi, Have managed to take an image using the Capture media, however I am now getting an error every time I try. Error 0x80004005. Ive tried looking at the log file smsts.log but cannot find it on the machine Im trying to capture. Any ideas?
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