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  1. Any help with this would be fantastic.
  2. We recently upgraded our MDT package and since the change the MDT TS comes back with Unable to access the domain when entering in Domain Join Credentials. What logs would help troubleshoot this problem and where can they be found?
  3. I use a 64bit MDT boot image that boots to a UDI Task sequence. I'm curious, there is a volume selection within the task sequence and also within the config xml, where you can select volume. It always deploys the OS within the task sequence, no matter what I deploy through the UDI Task sequence. Should I get rid of the "apply OS" portion in the TS?
  4. Thank you for the awesome tutorials, they've helped us a lot in moving forward with sccm 2012. We want to run the same task sequence to capture data for USMT and then run the same task sequence for to restore the data on a new machine. It was my impression that the first part of UDI wizard was to determine which type of setup to run (replace, refresh, new computer). How do you set these guidelines? Edit1: figured out that you have to set up a different TS
  5. I'm working on an already established environment, so I'm kind of back tracking to figure out things. I can't get the distribution point to display on my created os installer, where as the other one, which was created by the previous person is showing them just fine. Obviously a green horn here, so grace would be much appreciated.
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