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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All, Can someone help me in setting AD Computer Description during the OSD ? I am using UDI for selecting OU during the OSD .Can I use the UDI for Computer description also ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I built a UDI task sequence a while back and everything has been working fine. But lately, I have run into a problem where the process will fail right after it goes through the "Gather" stage, and right before it gets to the UDI. After some troubleshooting I came to the conclusion that it happens on a blank hard drive that has no partitions. If I boot up to a Windows installation disk and format and partition the drive first, then the task sequence will work properly. Has anyone else seen this or is it just me? Thanks! Wes
  3. Hey Guys / Niall - I'm currently using a fairly recent build of SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU3 which has MDT 2013 Update 2 installed. The task I'm working on now is creating an OSD Task Sequence which includes a UDI Wizard created using MDT. Currently, I am able to apply the task sequence to a system and have it complete without error - however - there are a couple of things which are not correct that I'm trying to figure out. I figured I'd post each to get opinions from others. Issue #1 - No Applications Installed (TS or UDI) Despite being added as a step to the TS or selected in the UDI Wizard, any/all Applications do not install. Packages which are listed in TS right after the Applications install just fine. Below is how I have my "Install Application" steps configured in the TS in order: Install Applications Group (No conditions) x2 Install Application step listing 5 apps. No conditions / not set to continue on error x3 Install Program steps (which work) "Convert list to two digits" step which runs "cscript.exe "%deployroot%\scripts\ZTICoalesce.wsf" /CoalescePattern:Applications /CoalesceTarget:CoalescedApps /CoalesceDigits:2" Install Application step which installs all with base variable name "COALESCEDAPPS" Install Package step which installs all with base variable name "PACKAGES" (don't have any packages configured in UDI - only apps) All apps listed are known to install successfully and log files shows them parsing, but never attempting installation. In fact, an AppEnforce.log file doesn't even exist once the build completes! Issue #2 - Reserved Partition Assigned Drive Letter Even Though Set Not To Do So This one isn't as big, but the 350mb System Reserved partition is assigned the drive letter D:. I went back and checked inside of the TS (and know I'm looking at correct step due to how partitions are named) and the partition has the option checked to not assign a drive letter. Below is how that step is configured: Format and Partition Disk (Conditions SMSTSMediaType not equal OEMMedia & SMSTSBootUEFI not equals true) Volumes System Reserved: Primary / 350mb fixed size / Make bootable / Do not assign drive letter / NTFS / Quick format Local Disk: Primary / 99% of disk / not bootable / assign drive letter / NTFS / Quick Format / Variable: OSDisk Windows: Recovery / 1% of disk / All options greyed out I'm not dead set on having the volumes configured this way - just basically need the OS to install to C:, have it be the only with a drive letter, and have it take up the most disk space - that's it. I'm collecting log files from a build this morning right now and can post them after generalizing them. Any suggestions? Thanks UPDATE I generalized, compressed, and have attached all log files from C:\Windows\CCM of build with these issues I ran this morning. Logs.zip Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a requirement where we need to find out user credentials that were used in UDI to join a PC to domain. Apparently, the ultimate ask is to find out who initiated the Operating System Deployment on a specific PC. I have tried performing below step & now after the device is built, it does create a "UserID" Reg key on the device, but it is not populating any value. In "scripts" folder, first modified ZTITatoo.wsf: oShell.RegWrite "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Deployment 4\UserID", oEnvironment.Item("UserID"), "REG_SZ" Then modified ZTITatoo.mof: Added, string UserID; And added, [PropertyContext("local|HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Microsoft\\Deployment 4|UserID"), Dynamic, Provider("RegPropProv")] UserID; Any suggestions here ? Thanks, Abhijeet Manurkar
  5. Hello all. Firstly thanks for such a brilliant technical resource - this place has saved me a few times!! Now it's time to add my own woes to the list and hopefully get a resolution to help others. I've built an OSD TS on SCCM 2012 R2, with the latest MDT installed. I wanted to use UDI to enable our techs to build machines with optional additional software installed. We currently deploy entirely pre-baked images via WDS and I'm looking to add some flexibility to this process. Everything works pretty much flawlessly so far - the machine is built, named, joined to the domain to the selected OU and so forth. The only snagging point is the applications. They just DO NOT get installed!! I stood watching a machine build for an hour yesterday, and it looks like the step is simply skipped right over. Here's the hopefully useful information ... - I have a computer collection setup called _UDI which is empty, and has all of my deployable applications deployed to. This collection is empty and is only used for the advertising of apps for UDI. - My task sequence is deployed to All Systems and All Unknown Systems, to allow us to easily build and re-image without having to move machines into groups or pre-stage them in anyway. The applications are not advertised to these collections - all my reading leads me to believe that this is not necessary, but it's never explicitly stated one way or the other. I have a UDI Task Sequence 'out of the box' with minimal reconfiguration. Under 'State Restore' section, I have an 'Install Software' step, which installs packages based on the variable name PACKAGES. This appears to work, as the only two packages that run are the Configuration Manager Upgrade and a small script that I have to do some warranty information logging. There is then an 'Install Applications' section, with 'Convert list to two digits' and 'Install Application'. This uses a base variable name of COALESCEDAPPS. This section appears to be skipped right over. I looked at ZTICoalesce.log and can see it adding all of the apps I've selected to 'CoalescedApps01', 'CoalescedApps02' and so forth, so the ZTI script appears to be doing its job just fine. The apps simply aren't installed after that. I've looked in the SMSTS logs that are left (the C:\WINDOWS\CCM\Logs\SMSTS\ folder which the install-time logs are copied to gets deleted pretty quickly it seems) and can see no particular errors, but also no real mention of application install steps at all. I also looked under C:\Windows\UDI to see what logs might be there. Config.log shows the system trying to "Match" the apps I've selected, and saying that 'Match failed' at each one, but I'm not sure that matters? It ends with 'Application Results' section telling me 'Failure while parsing SMS history.' OSD_InstallAppsLookUp.log shows me all the apps again, but I'm not sure what it's doing. To be honest, I'm stumped here. As far as I can see, it's picking up the applications in the way it should, but then *something* which I can't seem to see is failing to do any installations at all. It's very frustrating! One final thing - when the UDI Deployment Readiness screen comes up, the Application Discovery section has a Warning. "Critical problems were encountered while processing the Application Master List. The appropriate applications may not be selected." This also doesn't help - it appears in the Preview offline and when building. But the Application Master List, if it's what I think it is, appears just fine, and the logs appear to suggest that the applications are being picked up just fine .... just not installed!! I'm happy to provide any information necessary to anybody that can help me out! Thanks in advance!
  6. I have posted a guide on my blog that hopefully will be useful. Here is the link. https://buckingthesystemcenter.wordpress.com/
  7. Hello, Just letting people know that I have just launched my own SCCM 2012 blog. Since most of the meat of operating system deployment, etc. has been covered by blogs such as this, I am focusing mine on more obscure issues that I have encountered. I only have one post up as of right now, but more are to follow. I hope someone finds it useful. Here is the link. https://buckingthesystemcenter.wordpress.com/ Wes
  8. Hi, if you are using UDI wizard to deploy your OS and If you want to have drivers installed for same laptop/machine but different OS you need to add a condition for both packages: 1. First you configure the operating systems in UDI wizard, then their name (Image Name, NOT display Name!) is what counts. 2. Then you implement OS into UDI task sequence, and for that to work you also use OSDImageName variable. For example Windows 7 x64 Enterprise you Add condition->TS variable->OSDImageName equals "Windows 7 x64 Enterprise", I got that name from UDI wizard. For Windows 8 x64 the same, just make another step including Install Operating system Windows 8 and change the variable according to the name. 3. Then create install driver steps both for different OS and also add the condition like bellow: You have to specify both conditions in order to work, otherwise it will install both driver packages. Thanks,
  9. I've been trying to create a custom UDIWizard_Config.xml to install my applications during my task sequence, but I haven't been able to get my Applications to show up when I go to Add Software to a group. I know my Configuration Manager settings are correct because my Site Settings are validated. I also have all my applications checked to "Allow this applications to be installed from the Install Application task sequence without being deployed". All my packages show up just fine. The issue is only with Applications. I'm on SCCM 2012 SP1, with MDT 2012 Update 1. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Leo
  10. Hi, Really easy question to answer I'm sure. How do you pass the variables for OSDJoinAccount and OSDJoinPassword from UDI to the assocatied Task Sequence. Do they both need percentages on them when you enter them into the apply network settings, username and password boxes? Thanks
  11. Is it possible to have a user choose between Win7 and 2008 R2 through the UDI Wizard's Image Selection? Or do I need different task sequences for each OS? Also, in the UDI Wizard during deployment it wants to install Windows do D:\Windows instead of C:. Is there a way for me to force it to C? By the way, this is not an image directly from the Windows 7 DVD. It installs fine as a non UDI task sequence.... The only difference I can see is that UDF TS has a partition for Bitlocker. Thanks
  12. SCCM 2012 SP1 UDI Wizard "Install Program" not installing Application selected in the OSD deployment within PE. OSD completes but the software apps are not loaded. If I install the applications within the task sequence itself then the application is deploy successfully. Any ideas or direction is very much appreciated! Thanks, David
  13. Hello all, I'm building a UDI task sequence in SCCM 2012 + MDT 2012 installing Win 7 x64. Everything is working fine except one thing. I have a number of software applications to be available to the users as part of UDI Wizard. When running TS, after selecting a few of applications only the first one is installed and the rest fails with error 1618 which AFAIK translates to "another installation is in progress". I have of course checked all packages and they do install fine when running from Software Center. UDI task sequence uses a step install multiple packages. I tried googling it but no luck so far, so i hope to get some help from more experienced colleagues here. Best regards, Adam
  14. We recently upgraded our MDT package and since the change the MDT TS comes back with Unable to access the domain when entering in Domain Join Credentials. What logs would help troubleshoot this problem and where can they be found?
  15. Hello, I am trying to create a custom page for my UDI wizard, and I need to prepopulate some of the controls with information about the machine (MAC address, for example). I am very new to this, so how do I go about it? Do I need to specify the task variable in the customsettings.ini? Thanks!
  16. All, I am trying to deploy windows Xp via SCCM. I have SCCM set up correctly - It was working! Yesterday I added in 1 driver... It failed deploying so I thought "OK" and removed it from the package and updated the distribution point...... NOW - I cant build the machine that worked absolutely fine yesterday!! I have been through the SMSTS.log and the ZTIValidate.log which i've taken off the root of the machine thats failing. The machine fails just after applying driver packages - I have it set up so that it applies the HDD driver first - and then everything else! This is whilst being in PXE so network and HDD drivers allow this stage fine. I am unable to provide any screen shots or log reports as thats potentially damaging to my organisation - appologies. Any thoughts? Please help!
  17. Hello I have integrated MDT2012 into our SCCM 2007 environment but i have noticed a problem, in the UDI settings i have set it to "use existing computer name" but when i run the my TS using in PXE it doesn't pick up the existing name. Does anyone know why or what i am doing wrong Note the previous version(2010) picked up the name thanks
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