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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have 2 sets of image I want to pass different rules : 1 is a Windows 7 Canadian English image 2 is a Windows 7 French Canadian Image for image 1, I don't have access to the original VM Image, it was built in the US. for image 2, I built it myself. so the set of rules are easy : Image 1 : I want the options. in region & language to reflect the following : Format : English CANADA Location : CANADA Keyboard (General) : [English CANADA] , US System Locale : English CANADA Right now, everything is configurated as English, US and located in USA. we have some GPOs that apply by country and region. By default, the screen rosolution is set to 1024*768, I want to override this by setting it in 1920*1080 (32Bit colors) Image 2: I want only 1 keyboard, French Canada. not [French Canada],French Canada, Canadian Multilingual, [English Canada], US, French Canada I've tried many options, format and rules, but none of them applies. I lately foud out that MDT does not pass the priority when asked (in this case by adding %TaskSequanceID% in the priority rules of the ini) attached is the set of rules for this server. There's no nominal informations (like keys or PWD). Please Help me Rules_ini.txt
  2. Hello, I have a requirement where we need to find out user credentials that were used in UDI to join a PC to domain. Apparently, the ultimate ask is to find out who initiated the Operating System Deployment on a specific PC. I have tried performing below step & now after the device is built, it does create a "UserID" Reg key on the device, but it is not populating any value. In "scripts" folder, first modified ZTITatoo.wsf: oShell.RegWrite "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Deployment 4\UserID", oEnvironment.Item("UserID"), "REG_SZ" Then modified ZTITatoo.mof: Added, string UserID; And added, [PropertyContext("local|HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Microsoft\\Deployment 4|UserID"), Dynamic, Provider("RegPropProv")] UserID; Any suggestions here ? Thanks, Abhijeet Manurkar
  3. Good evening. firstly I would like to indicate that I am using the google translator; I apologize if this causes any "distortion". The problem I am having is to run a sequence to display a corporate image (previously captured with MDT); This stops after installing the OS and just before the autologon. to achieve the end I select the Administrator user (this is no password) and go to c: / minint / script and run LiteTouch.vbs there ... when the message that there is a running sequence unfolds I select I do not want to start a new and waited ... the continuous sequence from there and finishes without errors. I'm deploying so w7 32 MDT2013 work in WS2012 R2 Of course, thank you very much for the information which might contribute to solve this problem
  4. Hi there, Totally new member to this site so Hi to all! I'm not that familiar with Server2012R2 (2 days) although I was using WDS on a Server2008R2 VM until our VMware 5.1 Server crashed for some reason and it corrupted one server that had to be rebuilt and also corrupted the Deployment server! I tried putting out 3 pc's but the process was different and I could tell something was wrong. So I figured since it's not working, might as well take this opportunity to upgrade to Server2012R2 WDS and MDT2010 or MDT2013 and also wanting to use MDOP so we can use the DART tools on the PC's!! Only problem is after googling the heck out of it and reading so many online instructions, some are different and know I'm more confused than I was to begin with!! Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me, I appreciate it! Thank you , thank you , thank you!
  5. I'am trying to create an custom windows vista installation cd . I have an original cd ordered from where I live and the problem is that when I go for import operating system wizard it gives me this error :The source directory specified does not contain an identifiable operating system ? What should I do ? Does this mean that my DVD is not original ? I tried to go for the second option and to import "Custom image file" and I selected install.wim all work's great but I can't see any operating system listed in MDT , but in the deployment folder it is. I'm using MDT 2013 and I have ADK and AIK installed. What to do ? My operating system is Windows 8.1 EDIT : Does the fact that I have both ADK and AIK installed is a bad thing ?
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