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  1. Hello, I built a UDI task sequence a while back and everything has been working fine. But lately, I have run into a problem where the process will fail right after it goes through the "Gather" stage, and right before it gets to the UDI. After some troubleshooting I came to the conclusion that it happens on a blank hard drive that has no partitions. If I boot up to a Windows installation disk and format and partition the drive first, then the task sequence will work properly. Has anyone else seen this or is it just me? Thanks! Wes
  2. I have posted a guide on my blog that hopefully will be useful. Here is the link. https://buckingthesystemcenter.wordpress.com/
  3. Hello, Just letting people know that I have just launched my own SCCM 2012 blog. Since most of the meat of operating system deployment, etc. has been covered by blogs such as this, I am focusing mine on more obscure issues that I have encountered. I only have one post up as of right now, but more are to follow. I hope someone finds it useful. Here is the link. https://buckingthesystemcenter.wordpress.com/ Wes
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have actually read this, but I don't think it applies to my question. Entering in the Domain name in the UDI automatically sets the value for that variable. The problem is, when I use standalone media, this value gets reset somehow in the TS process.
  5. Hello, I have a problem with trying to join a domain and name the PC as part of a UDI task sequence using standalone media. The task sequence works just fine when PXE booting, but it will not do either task when using a USB drive. Do the task sequence variables that are set by the UDI somehow get reset before the domain join step when not connected to the SCCM server? If so, is there a way to get around this? Maybe using an unattend.xml file? I would appreciate any insight on this. Thanks. TheWes
  6. I forgot to mention that the .bat file uninstalls the SCCM client before installing Intune.
  7. Sure, no problem. When trying to install Intune though a TS, you get a permission error in the event log. Apparently you have to open the command prompt as administrator before installing. I wrote a .bat file that installs Intune, then wrote a powershell script that runs the .bat file as the administrator. So, in the postaction variable line, I just run the powershell script and it takes care of the rest. It does not, however, pause the task sequence. It will run when Windows boots up. Another note, I mounted the WIM with DISM and copied all of the installation files,.bat file, and powershell script to a temp directory on the C: drive of the image. It simplified matters.
  8. Hello, I am trying to run a OSD task sequence on a Dell XPS 13 laptop. This particular model does not have an ethernet port built in, and requires a ethernet to USB dongle. I have baked the drivers for the Dell LAN7500 into the image itself and everything is downloading, such as the driver packages and applications. The only problem is that it will not join the domain. My theory is that the dongle driver isn't ready to use until after the initial reboot and setup of the Windows installation, which happens after the Apply Network Settings step. I have tried moving that step to after the initial reboot, but it just hangs and eventually errors out. Has anyone successfully done this? Thanks! TheWes
  9. The postaction variable worked like a charm after some fiddling with permissions. Thanks!
  10. Thank you for your reply. The goal of the project is to only use SCCM with two task sequences, one for Win7 and one for Win8. We use the UDI to make all of our customizations. We want it to be completely standardized for all of our clients. I will try the postaction variable. Thanks!
  11. Hello All, I have a peculiar problem. I am using SCCM 2012 to create a UDI task sequence that will install Windows 7 and 8. We have a group of laptops that need the Windows Intune client as opposed to the SCCM client. Whenever I try to insert it into the task sequence, I get an error in the logs that says the two clients cannot coexist on one PC. I have tried putting in a step that will uninstall the SCCM client, but I get an error on that also. Has anyone had success doing this? Thanks!
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