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Found 6 results

  1. Helloy guys, I'm experiencing a very strange behaviour in SCCM OS deployment... my task sequence seems to work fine for all laptops, desktops, tablets etc. except for one laptop model (Deployment for Lenovo E570 - Win 7 OS). I assume that there is a driver issue ,but I simply can't solve it.. During the task sequence the join to the domain "fails". The log claims that no adapters are found. Funny thing is, that during the TS the drivers are installed and after the TS completes, the NIC is present in the device manager. So WTF!? All other models are working fine... I've removed the complete NIC drivers from the package and re-added them. And I added different driver versions. Even added the driver to the boot-image. No success... *UPDATE* I figured out that, after the driver has been installed the adapter is not loaded. When u open a cmd and run ipconfig only the WiFi adapter is present... HEEELP!!
  2. Hello guys, I'm currently trying to deploy Windows 8.1 to a HP tablet with stand-alone media, but I'm having problems to join the domain during the task sequence. What I do first is joining a workgroup because I'm adding a WiFi profile during the TS to join the domain afterwards as I don't have a LAN port. Here are the TS steps Joining the workgroup and WiFi works perfect, but the Dom join doesn't seem to do anything The SMSTS.log shows "No adapters found in environment. Performing global configuration only." Ofc there is no LAN adapter, but WiFi is present. Any ideas how to solve this and force SCCM to join the domain via WiFi?
  3. I have posted a guide on my blog that hopefully will be useful. Here is the link. https://buckingthesystemcenter.wordpress.com/
  4. Hi, after exhausting all of my options once again I need help. My test VM wont join a domain, and I don't know why. Environment: SCCM 2012 R2 MDT 2013 Wmware Workstation VM OSDJoinAccount and OSDJoinPassword variables set in all Unknown Computers collection and they prepopulate in UDI wizard. Account for adding to domain is Domain Admin/Enterprise Admin. Customsettings.ini [settings] Priority=Default Properties=MyCustomProperty [Default] OSInstall=Y SkipCapture=YES SkipAdminPassword=NO SkipProductKey=YES Is Customsettings.ini missing some values? Lot of unnecessary steps disabled on purpose to fast up the process. Sales OU created by "Search by domain OUs" not manually(!) Drivers maybe not applying? What I have tried: 1. Disable step in TS Apply Network settings and remove check marks in UDI Wizard for checking AD credential check on both section (User and password) - no go. 2. Tried adding without and OU, so OU blank, and only domain - no go. 3. Tried leaving default computer name, yes I get the famous MININT predefined name (maybe leftovers from some script?, need help with that also) 4. Many other things that I cannot remember right now. Please help, Thank you, UDIWizard_Config.xml smsts-20140918-010624.log
  5. Previously we had a 32-bit Windows 7 image that was deployed through a TS. The domain join was accomplished through the Apply Network Settings task and has worked fine, and still does. I recently captured a 64-bit Windows 7 image and used the same task sequence, just changed the image package but the domain join does not happen. When I try to log in after the TS finishes, I get the error "The security database on the server does not have a computer account for the workstation trust relationship". What am I missing?
  6. Hello Everyone, I have an interesting problem. I have an OSD to deploy Windows 7 in SCCM 2012 SP1 that works perfectly, expect when imaging one model of laptop. The OSD fails to join the domain, I checked the logs in Windows\Panther\UnattendGC on the laptop and they say that the laptop is unable to find the domain(Error 0x54b), also the Windows\debug\Netsetup.log only contains information from the computer that the image was orginally built on. I suspected that this was a driver issue, however when I login to the laptop there is a driver and I am able to manually join the domain without issue. Can any one point me in the right direction? The Windows\Panther\UnattendGC\setuperr.log and the Windows\debug\netsetup.log are attached setupact.log NetSetup.log Many thanks in advance Jim
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