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  1. Hello All, I got a quick question on the behaviour of Software Update Groups. By folloiwing the Part 6. Deploying Endpoint Protection Role... I have created the following: 1. The servershare for SCEP updates - \\servername\source\windowsupdates\EndpointProtection 2. An ADR Template which created the new package and put it in above unc path (not enabled) 3. Several ADR's for below items with the setting "Add to existing Software Update Group" - Managed Clients - Managed DHCP - Managed DNS - Managed ADDS - And so on. Now when I look in the Software Update Groups on the ones that
  2. Hi All! I currently have a simple setup in my lab with CM12 and have had a couple of CMAgents installed on a certain amount of clients that are no longer Active nor alive. Therefore I get loads of errors on mux files and also on parts where CM tries to install the agent on clients that are no longer alive. I have tried to set the InstallFlag in maintenance and googling around but can't get to getting a Clean and stable Environment. Any tips from the coach here? PS. As this is my lab, setting short values for heartbeat, polling intervals etc is not an issue. DS.
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