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  1. Hey Guys / Niall - So I manage an environment of ~10,000 workstations and ~900 servers on a single domain. A few months ago, we acquired a new company which has their own SCCM environment on a different domain. Finally, I am wrapping up a build of SCCM on a 3rd domain. The plan is to migrate all clients from the two old domains onto the new one. I have a couple of questions about this procedure so wanted to post to get opinions... 1. Migrate Many Clients to New Site Prior to Domain Change The main question is that their current plan is to migrate the domain on workstations a
  2. Hello sorry for my english i'm french . I have been trying for several days to install an SCCM push client, but remotely through a FortiGate. So the problem is that the clients seem to have settled into the machine: Capture task manager Capture of SCCM files present: Capture of the ccmsetup.log LOG File: And then I put the Configuration Manager capture where I don't see the PC as clients: Do you have any ideas how to solve the problem?
  3. Hi Team, I have been facing an strange issue. After the machine built by OSD TS, client isn't visible as online in Console and I don't think client is getting policies applied. Validated Firewall ports (80,443,10123) and all are fine. Any clue or troubleshoot approach would be much appreciated. I have attached policyagent.log. Note: To test this tried to install a client on Site Server using clientpush, it installed and shows as online and all the configurations getting applied. PolicyAgent.log
  4. Hi, We have this behavior when upgrading the Config Manager client and i'm just curious if someone recognizes it and dealt with it before. This is what happens; After a Client upgrade of the Config Manager client to 1910 some desktops fall into sleep mode, they shouldn't because their powersettings are set with Collection based power scheme. If you reboot the device everthing works again. With the upgrade to 1810 i noticed something similiar, client temporary unaware of settings, with surpressed reboots for workstations on the Deployment of Software Updates. These devices
  5. I am in need of help here. We have recently discovered that all of our client are showing as inactive since 7/10/2020. The only thing we had back then was the certificate authority renewal of certificates for all computers. we have renew all certificates on all the computers and servers but no luck on sccm. I have updated the certificate inside the distribution point with the new certificate and still showing inactive on all clients/servers. I have tried switching between HTTP and HTTPS as well in the distribution point under administration > server and site roles and nothing. Rebooted the
  6. A lot of my clients are stuck showing long since deleted deployments in Software Center. I've run all of the "client notification" options multiple times, and still the old deployed applications exist. I have also gone through the entire console and deleted all old revisions of any application. They are still there. Any suggestions??
  7. Hello everyone, I am having a new issue on an existing SCCM implementation where the client does not install correctly. It looks like what most people have termed 'stuck in provisioning mode'. The version is correct in control panel but it shows "none" for valid certificate. This would obviously cause communication issues because we allow only SSL encryption. We do deploy our own certificate via Group Policy and I believe that is working correctly and installing om the clients. I have walked through the ccmexec logs on the client and see no real helpful information. It looks like WMI
  8. We started with Config Manager 1702. Since then we upgraded to 1706. The new client version is 5.00.8540.1007. We enabled Hierarchy Settings Properties of our site to Upgrade all clients using the production client within 4 days. One month later half of our computers are still showing "Client Version Reported from DDR" as 5.00.8498.1711 with Compliance Status of "Not Compliant." We are a Windows 7 and Windows 10 mixed environment. Can anyone shed some light as to what might be going on here and why this occurred? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am hoping someone here has had a similar issue or can at least point me in the right direction to get my clients installing completely with usable components. The environment: SCCM 2012 Current Branch 1606 (5.00.8412.1307) - installed on a single machine (small production environment) Client version on server (5.00.8412.1307) Client computers: Windows 10 - all machines were recently updated to Windows 10, some via a SCCM TS, others via a USB SCCM TS. In either case, the same image was used. The problem: Newly installed machines are not receiving a usable SCCM client. Th
  10. Is it possible to have a task sequence that skips the client install sccm 2012 R2? The client install package takes very long to deploy none of the hotfixes help the issue. I would just like to put it in the base image and skip that step. is there anyway to put in a step that exits winpe and continues on without that step?
  11. Hello WN community! I have a bit of stumper I was hoping to get some feedback on! Let me know what you think... Scenario: We're running SCCM 2012 now for a little over a year, problem free. We've noticed however, that randomly (about 10 out of 1000 clients) the SCCM Client is reporting that the PKI certificate is none. What's stranger still, is that in the ClientIDManagerStartup.log, it doesn't appear to have an issue detecting and selecting the PKI certificate... Directly after the client selects the Cert, the ClientIDManagerStartup.log fills up with this repeating for ages
  12. Server details: Windows Server 2012 R2 - fully updated SCCM v 1606 Console version: 5.0.8412.1205 Site version: 5.0.8412.1000 Deploy workstation: Windows 10 Enterprise v1607 Hello, I have been trying to install the SCCM Client onto my workstations for the better part of two days now, attempting to deploy it via GPO. No matter what I try, I always get the same four errors in my Windows Logs/System. They come in a list of 4 entries, right in a row At this point I'm ready to pull my hair out. I'm really really unsure what my settings should really look like. I've googled and googled
  13. HI I am having some issues install the sccm client on a LOT of devices, i don't know if its down to the current build (not Mine) or AD or something else. I have included the 2 log files. any help much appreciated. thanks guy, ccmsetup.log client.msi.log
  14. Hey After OSD the clients are not registred: ClientIDManagerStartup.log <![LOG[RenewalTask: Client hasn't been registered yet. Reseting registration to pick up new changes.]LOG]!><time="20:48:08.684-120" date="07-01-2017" component="ClientIDManagerStartup" context="" type="1" thread="3696" file="regtask.cpp:2394"> <![LOG[GetSystemEnclosureChassisInfo: IsFixed=TRUE, IsLaptop=FALSE]LOG]!><time="20:48:12.135-120" date="07-01-2017" component="ClientIDManagerStartup" context="" type="1" thread="3752" file="ccmid.cpp:215"> <![LOG[Computed HardwareID=2:D6891E1
  15. OK, I am encountering an issue when attempting to manually push the client. (Right click on the object and click "Install Client") This issue occurs on every system. I've verified that using my client installation account I am using is a member of the local administrators group on each system, and I've also verified that I can browse to the admin$ using explorer and connecting via the particular account. I also can connect to the registry, etc. Any suggestions or tips for resolving this issue? Thanks
  16. Hey Guys / Niall - I'm in need of assistance with an issue, please. Our company is moving all systems over to a new domain over the next few months. One other change will be that the new domain will have a new SCCM environment. Since I'd rather not manage multiple environments, the plan is to migrate all workstations over to the new SCCM environment over about a week's time before migrating the domain on the systems. I've already built the new environment and all site servers on the new domain so was ready to start client migration. Changing a system to the new SCCM site and new dom
  17. We are currently installing the client onto Windows 10 machines, with some Server 2012 virtual machines, we have has success with some installing without issue, but on the machines that fail the logs show this: <![LOG[updated security on object C:\Windows\ccmsetup\.]LOG]!><time="09:32:00.721-660" date="03-02-2017" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="0" thread="8640" file="ccmsetup.cpp:9560"> <![LOG[Failed to get client version for sending state messages. Error 0x8004100e]LOG]!><time="09:32:00.721-660" date="03-02-2017" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="2" thread
  18. Hello all! Long time visitor and browse often, haven't posted much (if at all) since registering. Thanks for a great site with lots of great discussions! Here is my situation: I am working on implementing an automated way to get all our laptops onto Bitlocker. We run a Dell shop here, so I have tasks that are automating the process (which work beautifully), but for some reason my hardware inventory schedule that I have assigned to my test collections don't appear to be running on the clients assigned to that collection. The laptop that I am doing testing with does everything it'
  19. Hi there, Recently we upgraded from SCCM 2012 to 1606 Current Branch. Most clients are updated successfully. I have some of them that are Failed. As show here: However, when I look at the details, it's hard to understand why. The correct client version should be: 5.00.8412.1307 In this screenshot you can see some clients that have the Failed status. Client Version Reported From DDR has the correct version. Client Version Reported From FSP/MP has the wrong ersion. Many of the clients in that list both have wrong version and all of them have a different reason for
  20. [RESOLVED, SEE POST BELOW] Hello, I am having an issue manually installing the SCCM Client on a handful of workstations. I have it pushing out via GPO, as well as installing during my PXE task sequence. The GPO worked for about 90% of the workstations in my environment, but it didn't for a handful, so I decided to just go do it manually on those workstations. It worked for me perfectly on the first one I tried. However, every one after that, it will not install. Please see my attached log files to see if you can help me out. I get the same errors at the bottom of each o
  21. Hi, We have around 500 machines deployed across multiple sites which we have noticed that around 60% of these are now showing inactive. As a comparison, I have found 2 machines, one active, one inactive, both from the same site in the same boundary, to try and figure out why they may be inactive. I Have attached multiple logs for both machines, does anyone have any insight into what may be causing this? We are currently running on 2012 R2 SP1. server 2012 R2 Any other suggestions on where to begin to look or if there are any other server/client logs to go through, would be grea
  22. Hello All, I am wondering if anybody has a step-by-step for implementing the IBCM for CM? I've read a lot of different articles, but none of them seemed to have all the pieces? Basic idea is to obtain the ability to manage portable devices (laptops) while those devices are off of the domain. EX. teacher laptops that need to be managed via CM while on summer break. There is NO AD in the DMZ. I can open needed ports on the firewall for communication between Primary site server/MP and MP in DMZ. We've got CM1511 fully functional within the domain. Client checks, dns, OSD, WSUS, etc all work
  23. Hi Guys, I've been building my Win10 image lately and for some reason SCCM refuses to complete any OSD Task Sequences successfully (on Win 10, or our old Win8.1 TS). It seems to be failing to setup the SCCM Client and then rebooting to a half built OS. smsts.log is here: https://pastee.org/7dkq5 I don't have a CCMSetup.log, it doesn't get that far. Any ideas? The key line that seems to stick out for me is: <![LOG[The action (Setup Windows and Configuration Manager) requested a retry]LOG]!><time="13:16:09.927-60" date="08-14-2015" component="TSManager" context="
  24. Hello everyone, I'm a little bit confused about ports for SCCM client. Our network environment has a restricted vlan. The clients are in the restricted vlan. I don't know which ports are needed for pushing and communicating with our SCCM server. These port would be permitted on our company firewall. Also clients have permitted ports for WMI and file and printer sharing on each PC by GPO. I read the MS Technet documentation of SCCM and I've found these ports: 80 (TCP) 433 (TCP) 1433 (TCP) 445 (TCP) 10123 (TPC) Are these ports ok or some of them are wrong? I want to permit only necessary por
  25. Hello to all, I open my record again at the forum with a problem that is driving me crazy I have in my work environment a problem with many accounts that are abnormally block. I started all the troubleshooting steps, and slowly I'm probably coming to realize what it is, but I have this event that I can not read well: EventId: 5 The kerberos client received a KRB_AP_ERR_TKT_NYV error from the server% 1. This Indicates That the ticket used against That server is not yet valid (in relationship to That time server). Contact your system administrator to make sure the client and s
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