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  1. Ok, I was confused since there was no preprovision step in MDT like there is in an SCCM TS, i followed your guide put the reg key for the XTS step before the first bitlocker step in the MDT TS and then again later in the TS and it appears to be working! I cant get it to escrow the key in AD even though i told MDT to do so, it just puts a txt file at the root of C.
  2. We use SCCM and MDT at the present time, have not migrated to SCCM task sequences yet for OSD, just using MDT. (We need to deploy machines to three different domains depending on the pc and point to two different management points and i haven't figured out how to create the task sequences to do this at this time) We do deploy the SCCM client as an application in the MDT sequences so that the machines are managed in SCCM. (We currently use SCCM for patching, package and application deployments and soon bitlocker and defender. We followed the steps to implement bitlocker in SCCM from this art
  3. I removed them and restarted the service. Now I get unable to connect to the remote server for the /Reports URL and I still get page cannot be displayed for the /ReportServer URL
  4. Here is the Report Manager URL. I didn't setup this particular server or install SQL.
  5. No, it doesn't host any other websites. I setup SSRS from within SCCM. Sorry for the late response. I'm not getting my notifications that someone replied to this post even though follow this topic is checked.
  6. No, I haven't solved this yet. It looks to me like its configured to use both http and https at least from what I can tell in the reporting services config manager. Where should I be looking?
  7. I installed the Reporting Services Point role on my sql2012 site system server. sccm is installed on my sccm primary site server. I set my network username under the reporting services point properties. My account is a full administrator on both servers. When I click on reports under reporting on the monitoring tab it waits for a while and comes back with no reports. I checked the smsadminui.log and get the following. [7, PID:4532][11/21/2014 08:23:44] :[ReportProxy] - User-specified default Reporting Point [sCCM.legislature.intranet] could not be found, [sql2014-SCCM.legislature.int
  8. Im having an issue where under site system roles the distribution point role is installed and there is a boundary group set for it but when i go to the distribution points nothing shows up therefore when i follow the guide for OS deployment there are no distribution points to choose from when i right click the boot images or any image for that matter and choose distribute content. Do you have any idea what I am missing?
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