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  1. Hi Guys, I try to installl windows 10 (1511) with SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 with MDT2013 Update 2 over PXE. My problem is only one model (Zotak ZBOX ID83 Plus). All other PC'S (DELL, HP, Lenovo) work well. The TaskSequence Aborts by the step "Install Operating System". Network is all the time available The HDD is writable what i tried: - Import the Sata and Netword Drivers in the Boot Image - Bios Update - Format the HDD before OSD - Zero Touch installation (excluding MDT) - The SMSTsLog has no errors. The only way i found to install these Boxes, with an Standalone USB STICK and the ZeroTouch Task sequence. Thanks BoB
  2. Hey Guy's, last week we update our Sccm 2012 on sp1 in my environment. Since there all applications doesn't install. I don't understand the relationship between "Base Variable name" in TS, the "collection variables" and the " Task Sequence Software Base variable" in UDI Wizard... Patrick UDIWizard.log OSDSetupWizard.log smsts-20130118-080946.log
  3. Hi, and this option didn't work, too. Should i Upload the newest Logs? Thanks
  4. Hey Iroqouiz, No I have'nt specified any Properties. Which Properties do I need ?
  5. Hi, Here are the Logs. Bye AppDiscovery.log AppEnforce.log smsts.log ZTICoalesce.log
  6. Hey Guys, I deploy some Clients with windows7 with SCCM2012 and UDI-Wizard Designer. My problem is, that the applications were shown, but he didn't istall them. If I put the Client into the created Device Collection all Applications were installed automatically. Do You know this Problem? Thanks Bye Patrick
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