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  1. Hi, Has the OS to which you want to upgrade to, same language as the installed? From en-us to en-gb for example will not work! Witcher
  2. sorry for my delayed response. I have entered every day, because I want to see a possible positive result next day. Before this I had the running time once a month as you explained in your descriptions. The sync was successful and the patch downloaded completely. Witcher
  3. Yes, I think so. I have checked and compared the entries you pointed out with my log. I have add some more pictures. ruleengine.log
  4. Hi anyweb, Thank you again for this documentation, I have followed up with this and the previous Part 9. It looks good so far but I have several Updates, Updates Rollups and Critical Updates which are not being published and I don't know why not. Have you any idea about the reasion for this behavior or what it might be? In the screenshot you can see that these are already downloaded, but this I had to do manually as well. Thanky you Witcher
  5. Anyweb, first thank you for this helpfull part! I have still one question during recreating an identical ADR: Do i have to add the identical rule to an existing Software Update Group or new SUG? Kind Regards Witcher
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