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  1. Glad i could help. You mean in the enable bitlocker step ? This fails with the same error mentioned above (Encryption in progress). Tablets usually come with SSDs and our notebooks with "normal" HDDs. Whatever make and model our oem (dell) ships. What I've observed so far is it also depends how fast the apply operating system request is made and fulfilled. Sometimes the wim file starts downloading immediately after the pre-provision bitlocker step runs, sometimes the request takes a few seconds before the download starts. These few seconds seem to be the culprit and when the d
  2. I haven't got a log file handy but the error is the same BrotherKen posted. On my successful runs all systems had ssds, except for the Latitude E6520 which had a slower network connection. I've mitigated the problem pausing the task sequence for five minutes before the apply operating system step. The value is far to much because from what I've seen 10 or 15 seconds are enough to complete the pre-provisioning on the empty disk. Maybe we need a "wait till pre-provsioning bitlocker step completes" check-box I'm curious about the adoption rate of pre-provisioning bitlocker because i wasn
  3. Hello, i've had some success deploying WIndows 7 / 8.1 with bitlocker pre-provisioning. However today i've tried to bitlocker a Dell Latitude E6540 laptop and noticed the bitlocker pre provisioning step taking very long. After the wim file and the drivers are applied the disk is only encrypted to 8 % or so. After the setup configuration manager reboot the enable bitlocker ts step fails because the encryption is not completed. I've seen this behavior on older models (eg. Optiplex 960) but i would not have expected this to happen on new hardware. Has anyone experienced something similar ?
  4. Does anyone know if the "Install Client Software from a specified site" Option (1) actually overrides boundary configuration ? SCCM 2012 started upgrading 2007 clients that were not defined in any boundary nor added to a boundary group. (Using AD Sites) 1: http://3.bp.blogspot...tionOptions.JPG
  5. Hello, i've been using the user driven instalaltion feature auf mdt 2012 with great success, for everyone who hasn't tried this, check it out, it's pretty awesome. However, i've got troubles using the Image selection feature/page. I've successfully added two windows image installers to the corresponding udi page. When i create a new MDT UDI Task Sequence i have to specify an os image i want to apply. The apply operating system image step in the task sequence has the image/wim index hardcoded. So whatever i select in the udi dropdown gets ignored. Does anyone know how to make a dynamic se
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