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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Tank you for the imput, it seems i've read over the windows error part. i am going to look further in to the windows error. Best wishes!
  2. Hello, The following has accured: I am trying to build and capture a windows 7 (x64) SP1 on a sccm 2012 server (no SP1 installed). I've build an default task sequence according to the windows-noob "standards" (http://www.windows-n...dows-7-x64-sp1/). But when i try to run the task sequnce it fails at some point when it tries to configure the sccm client. The reason for failing is that there is no OS installed on the c drive. so no settings can be set. When i was plowing through the logs i did not get any clear reason why the OS was not deployed on the c drive. And whas wondering if i could get some assistance. Additional information: - I am trying to build and capture to/from a virtuel machine. - The system operation installer package is build from a windows 7 (x64) iso. - Log file is attatched. -The VM has only one hard drive. - i am aware that the following error is comming up a lot: "Failed to open Software\Microsoft\Sms\Mobile Client\Software Distribution registry key. The client should not get checked for RWH OpLock Type" But i dont think that would be the reason why it doesn't install any OS. Thanks for any help smsts.log
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