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  1. I'm Running ConfigMgr 2012 SP1. I'm able to successfully deploy Applications to my test client machines that share two different subnets (boundaries) but both sit in the same Boundary Group which has an associated Distribution Point Group that contains all our Packages & Applications. For some reason Applications & Software Updates deploy successfully but ANY Packages created fail to deploy. I did notice this error in the LocationServices.log "<![LOG[unable to get SMS_MPInformationEx.MP="ESBCNWSCCM01.xxxxxx.corp" of [ESBCNWSCCM01.xxxxxx.corp] from WMI due to error 0x80041002]LOG]!><time="16:16:30.070+00" date="02-12-2013" component="LocationServices" context="" type="3" thread="3912" file="lssecurity.cpp:1934">" Execmgr.log displays: <![LOG[Content is not available on the DP for this program. The program cannot be run now.]LOG]!><time="17:22:50.647+00" date="02-12-2013" component="execmgr" context="" type="3" thread="5824" file="execreqmgr.cpp:2586"> <<<It says the content is not available but i can see in the content status that the content is there. I can also see on the Distribution Point under content tab that the package is listed. So what else can i do?>>> Any help appreciated!
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