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  1. Hi Garth, What I meant was, we keep the page file on the C drive at 800MB min and 800MB Max. We actually partition the C drive at 30GB on a W2k8 machine and install all programs etc on the D.
  2. Hello, I know the commands to set paging file (wmic pagefileset) but what I need is a script that will query the amount of physically installed memory first and then multiply it by 1.5x. Does anyone have a script that I can use please? Or know of an easy way to do this? We like to create partitions and move the page file to the D drive and leave the C drive a just 800MB. I am deploying to W2k8 R2 servers. Many Thanks Craig
  3. Hello, First of all, I would like to apologize if this is in the wrong place. This is my first topic submission. I have deployment experience with MDT and SCCM 2012 but this is my first time using the HP Proliant Task Sequence. I have had nothing but issues with this since it went in. It appears that it works from default, but when I make any changes, the jobs fail. First change I made was to install features. I needed to install Dotnet 3.5 and Telnet Client as part of the TS. I added this step in at the end before it resets the reboot variable and ticked the required boxes. Other steps are things like diskpart (To scan in my second disk) and a command line to change page file etc. When the TS is deployed, it fails at that step with a rather generic error and just reboots into Windows. I cant remember the exact errors as I have now removed these options from my TS (I can add back if you need exact) Second issue A few other HP Features do not appear to be installing correctly. For example: Array configuration Utility, Network Configuration Utility and HP Diagnostics etc These are nowhere to be seen. I thought these were supposed to be part of the default TS? As a workaround I added a PSP package as an application to install after deployment. HPSUM.exe -silent is the install, This deploys correctly but still no ACU or NCU anywhere to be seen! Maybe I am doing something wrong but I am pretty sure after looking online that these functions should atleast be installed as part of the PSP install packs!. Let me know what information you require please and I will try and get it to you. Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks Craig
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